A Little Life Update / Summer ’17

One minute it was Spring and now Summer is on it’s way out… Thought I’d kick the month of September off with a little update post mainly because it helps me remember the highlights that have gone or are coming up!

First and foremost, I’m off on vacation… and it’s a well earned rest. I haven’t been away properly for around 15 months which is a long long time for me! I had no idea where I wanted to go or who with but everything worked out in the end to see me heading back home to Barbados for around ten days. I’m excited that for the last 7 days of my trip I’ll be joined by Georgina of Fitcetera (who will be flying in from Las Vegas!). I’ve already looked up activities like SUP and checked out if they have any decent crossfit boxes on the island so in between lounging on the beach and eating lots of good food, I guess we’ll get a sweat on.

Barbados Cycling Festival coincides with my trip now… When I chose my dates to fly out and come home, Mollie reached out and asked if I was attending the Barbados Cycling festival which we had come across earlier in the year. When I looked it up I realised it was just before I planned to fly out but I also realised that it was cheaper for me to go a little earlier than planned and catch the last few days of the inaugural festival. My ideal situation would be to ride the Silver Route on Sunday 10th September (it’s about 65km) but it’s looking highly unlikely that there will be a bike available for me to hire and I just don’t have enough time (or the budget right now) to take my own bike (what with hiring a bike box, taxi to the airport both ways, extra baggage charges both ways and oversized baggage charges both ways). But riding or not I will be there and who knows, maybe next year? I’ll have 365 days to get organised!

I’ve been enjoying shopping for normal clothes… If you watched my last YouTube video you would’ve seen me swing by Topshop for a Personal Shopping appointment to pick up a few bits for holiday. I’ve since picked up a few more bits which are featured below…

The fit kit I’ve been loving the most over the past few weeks has got to be the pieces picked out for me from the #UnlikeAny launch. The Unlike Any campaign from Under Armour came about after the continual comparison of female Olympic athletes to male athletes and features 6 of the most inspiring women you could possibly put together. But the point of featuring these athletes is to remind us that we are all beyond comparison.


My favourite piece out of the set is hands down the Crossback Debossed Sports Bra. I love the print and it is one of the comfiest and most flattering that I own. I’ve worn it as many days as I can without it starting to look weird that I’m wearing the same outfit everyday on Instagram! The top (Threadborne Fashion Tank) is perfect for those who like a little extra coverage over the bum as it’s really long and doesn’t hug your hips. It comes in a few other colour options too in case fluorescent yellow isn’t for you. The leggings (Favourite Engineered Leggings) are a great fit, made from a soft fabric so they’re probably best for classes where you don’t get tooooo sweaty although I’ve worn them for everything including Bootcamp (running on the treadmill / weights) to teaching my regular Lift class at Frame on Thursday mornings. Last but not least, the trainers are perfect for classes like HIIT / weights as they have a low profile and feel like they have the added lateral support you don’t get from a running shoe.

Check out the range here:


Talking of being #UnlikeAny… I’ve been busy at the Best Bootcamp academy and figuring out who I am as an instructor and what I would bring to the team. I taught my trial class at Bests Bootcamp on Saturday 2nd September. It’s felt like a long time coming but I’m glad I made it to that stage of the academy (catch up with the start of my journey here). Part of me was nervous but I focused on channeling my nerves into excitement. I had some friendly faces in the room for class (huge thank you to Finola, Chi-Chi, Katherine, Rosie and Derek) which really helped; it’s always nice to have a recognisable smile in the room! The studio sends out a survey to everyone who attended to get their feedback on my session and then we go from there so peeps, fingers crossed for me!

And incase you hadn’t noticed (or seen my IG post) I joined RewardStyle via my relationship with Pinterest UK. I’ve been on Affiliate Window for a couple of years now and while they are the best all round platform I’ve found to date reward Style trumps them for a number of reasons. Firstly, you don’t have to request to join a certain advertiser, the fee’s are higher and it also integrates with Instagram via their LikeToKnow.it app. As with all other affiliate programmes, you’re never charged anything for shopping via the link and in fact affiliates are sometimes the first to know about discount codes or have their own codes to save you a little moola. So nothing has changed other than I now have access to really awesome ways to share all my fit kit (and more!) inspiration with you!

That’s all for now! …what’s coming up for you in the next couple of months?!

Elle 🙂


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  1. Renée
    September 5, 2017 / 09:30

    enjoy your holiday Elle!we've got a bit of travel ahead – the husband is running Chicago marathon and I'll be seeing my parents in November in Dublin. Otherwise just trying to get back to normal running life!

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