Chocolate Protein Overnight Oats with PureTrition

When I saw a recipe on Planet Organic for Overnight Oats, I knew I had to create something similar right there and then! I had a 7am start the next day, meaning a 5am alarm and not much time for breakfast. I could grab and go with this, eat half before I started work, and half when my second breakfast hunger kicked in!

Here’s how I recreated it with what I had: 

Ingredients (serves 2 / 2 servings)
2 tbsp PureTrition Chocolate Protein Powder*
150g of jumbo oats
300ml almond milk 
1 tbsp milled flax 
1/2  tsp chia seeds
1 ripe banana, peeled and smashed
1 tsp cacao nibs 
1/4 cup fresh blueberries to top

Blend the almond milk with the protein powder. Add to dry ingredients in a bowl, mix well and place in fridge overnight. Top with blueberries or any other topping of your choice! Takes 5 minutes to prepare!

I did wonder how this would work as I know most protein powders STINK after being mixed and left so I did have a backup breakfast plan – i.e Pret granola pot; but I needn’t have worried! I love the texture, consistency and flavour! I think you could get pretty creative with this breakfast too…


With it currently being Organic September (Soil Association) it seemed a perfect time to try out this protein powder. Nature’s Plus SPIRU0TEIN PureTrition is certified organic with each serving containing 18g of complete protein from organic whole food sources  fused with a blend of organic fruits, vegetables, algae and more.

At the time I got this protein powder, I was feeling a little bit of a chocolate overload. I normally go for unflavoured protein powders so I can mix it up a little. Luckily for me, the favour of this isn’t overpowering and gave my oats the perfect taste of dark chocolate.

If you don’t have time to throw together this overnight oats recipe, PureTrition can be mixed with just water meaning it’s easy to carry with you for pre workout, an on the go snack or keep in the office for a morning boost . It’s a winner for me with no added sugar, artificial sweeteners or caffeine. It’s also suitable for vegetarians, vegans, is gluten free and low GI diet friendly.

What flavours would you attempt to make?! 

Elle 🙂 


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