How to Avoid Major Setbacks In Your Goals Over Christmas

Christmas is a time to splurge on all the rich foods and alcohol, right?! The diet goes out of the window and any resolutions you made not to eat chocolate are forgotten in a haze of sweet treats and socialising. The festive season is also a time when we get super busy studying, putting in overtime, buying gifts and hitting the party scene that going to the gym is pushed way down on the ‘to-do’ list. Sticking to your fitness program is really the only way to offset the effects of a few lapses in your diet diet, so here are some tips to help you avoid any major setbacks in your goals this Christmas.

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Be Organised

It is not always easy to stay organised over the Christmas holidays, as you are likely to be rushing around with a mad schedule, especially if you are trying to combine work and studying for an MBA in healthcare management from The George Washington University. In order to make time to eat healthy meals and exercise, you have to be organised.

Plan your meals for the week ahead and buy fresh ingredients accordingly. If your schedule includes eating out or attending a party, eat light meals in the days preceding the engagement, so you don’t exceed your calorie count overall.

Make Time for Exercise

Exercise is crucial, but with dark nights and miserable weather, it isn’t easy to find the motivation for an early morning jog or a late evening trip to a Zumba class. To counter the inevitable sense of lethargy you will feel at this time of year, buy a gorgeous figure-hugging party dress and resolve that you are going to wear it over Christmas. This should give you sufficient motivation for sticking to your exercise routine.

If you are still struggling for time and a trip to the gym is simply impossible, make a point of exercising whenever and wherever you can. Walk instead of drive, or hit the dancefloor when you attend a Christmas party. Every little helps!

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Have a New Year Target

Having a target is a good way to keep you on the straight and narrow over Christmas. If you are reasonably athletic, target a half marathon around March, so you have no choice but to start training over Christmas. If you are not so athletic, look at doing a beginner friendly 5k and download a couch  to 5K training plan. Most are 8-12 weeks in duration. If you agree to raise money for charity, you will have more motivation to eat sensibly, train, and hit your target.

Don’t Restrict Yourself From A Treat

It is unreasonable to stay clear of everything naughty and nice over Christmas. The more you try to be good, the more likely you are to fall off the wagon. Use “everything in moderation” as your mantra. For every calorific treat or glass of wine you consume, resolve to do some extra exercise as a counter balance. That way you should stay within your target weight zone, despite having fun over the festive holiday.

Do you have any tips for avoiding setting yourself back over the holidays?! 

Elle 🙂 



  1. Chi-Chi
    December 11, 2016 / 19:50

    Not gonna lie, December is usually a write off for me! However i have started looking ahead for 2017 in terms of races and new challenges so i'm not a complete lost cause lol

    • Elle Linton
      December 11, 2016 / 22:10

      haha! Back to the grind in January! …I'm hoping to start the year strong tbh and maybe take it easy in the summer … we will see eh?! 🙂

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