ihateironing Review & Tips on Balancing Life

This is a Public Service Announcement: School’s out for the… well, Easter. That’s right, exams are over and I have about 3 weeks till I return to my studies (which will also be double the workload again for my final term). The moral of the story being that I survived this last term; I managed to balance my studies with work and life and I thought I should document how I did so, partly for you, and partly for me… oh and ihateironing played a part in my survival…


Whilst I still stand by my review about the dry cleaning and repair side of this service, I urge you to read the FAQ’s / terms and conditions before using it. I recently sent a large amount of clothing for a service wash which was returned to me with my white items looking blue and one of my favourite sweaters it seemed was washed on too high a heat / tumble dried on too high a heat and now the whole adidas logo is peeling off. I’ve been told that they take no responsibility for damage so it’ll prob be my loss. Needless to say I won’t be using any of their services again, nor actively recommending them to friends and family.

ihateironing review on keep it simpElle
ihateironing dry cleaning service

Delegate the housework to ‘ihateironing’

When things get intense, I begin by prioritising. What NEEDS to be done, versus what can be left for a week or two. With Spring officially arriving this month and with a wedding to attend just a few days after my exams ihateironing helped me to delegate a few tasks like washing my “winter” duvet, replacing a button on a blouse along with some dry cleaning.

I downloaded the app to my phone and it couldn’t have been simpler to use. Once you’ve input your basic details (name, address, payment card etc) you can book in a pick up and return for your service. The slots are one hour which is handy to help you plan your day and on both occasions the drivers arrived within the first 15 minutes.

winter duvet cleaned by ihateironing
button replacing

In the app there is a pretty comprehensive price list which helps you to figure out an approximate cost for the items you’re sending. Being my first time using the app, I was a little unsure about how to bag up my stuff, especially as I wanted to include a button for the blouse so I used the chat function through the app (also sent via email) and had all my questions answered quickly (and friendly). I popped my items in a plastic bag and when the driver arrived he gave me the fabric bag (pictured) to use for next time. And, yes, there will definitely be a next time.

Once your items are received and processed, your invoice is emailed; your card is then charged and all you have to do is wait until your scheduled return. ihateironing sends out text messages before your collection and delivery which are useful to remind you they are booked and also to check the time is still convenient. I should note here, that collection and delivery is free but there is a £20 minimum spend… but you can get a tenner off ya first order… read on… 

ihateironing review on keep it simpElle

Use the link above [link removed July 2019] to get £10 off your first order and enter the code ellehgq (I will also get £10 credit, so we’ll both be winning). I don’t know about anyone else, but I always like to go off a recommendation so here I am sharing my ihateironing review with you. From my experience, I can’t fault the service and although it’s so first world, it is ever so handy.

Plan and prep your meals

You can either choose to batch cook (try the sauce from this post which can be kept for a week and used in a variety of dishes), or get organised and “meal prep” (this is a great recipe that can be multiplied to make 2-4 meals). Eating is crucial for powering your brain, right? So I have no idea why anyone would let this slip when time is under pressure!

Get enough sleep

I’ve written about sleep alot on the blog. Here is a great post about how to get a good nights sleep, with tips for what to do before bed, what to do in bed as well as tips for the morning.

Schedule time for exercise

I’m not sure I did too well on this one for my second term, but I’m making up for it post exam! In future however, I think I will aim to workout 2-3x per week during the few weeks leading up to my exams. It’s a great way to relieve stress, have some time to yourself and to clear your mind ready to focus on your main tasks.

Schedule a little time to socialise

I realised how important this one was during my first term; if it can be combined with exercise time then that is an even bigger win. I’m not sure everyone understands the reasons behind me doing my Masters, and I certainly know most don’t understand when I say I can’t say yes to all the social events happening… but I try my best to see everyone whenever I can.

So, here’s to one more term before I’m half way through my Masters! …and here’s to me getting ihateironing to replace the second button on the cuff of my blouse after I immediately pulled it off upon it’s return (damn you Topshop, sew your buttons on properly please!).

Anyone got any life hacks to share for making all those must do tasks more doable when life gets busy?!



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p.s I was compensated for my time writing this post, however, I paid for the service myself. As per usual though, all opinions and thoughts are my very own ;) 

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