Full Circle: Cycle to Richmond Park

Everyone has their “thing” when it comes to working out! I summarised my “things” in a cute diagram for my PR page: 

The diagram is in no particular order by the way! As you know, the top two, cycling and running will be combined for me soon in the form of the London Duathlon. I will be running 10km, cycling 22km and then running 5km. Soon after I signed up, I started to freak out about whether I could actually cycle 22km but soon realised that a bike ride I did in November last year totalled 17km and it wasn’t too bad! 

Last week when one of my colleagues Anneleen cycled up to Richmond Park, I invited myself along for the next time as it would be a great opportunity to cycle in the very location my Duathlon will be taking place! So we arranged a date, a time and a place! 

In between that, I spoke to Tiffany, one of Team Specialized – lululemon who is a professional cyclist. On her advice, I decided to bite the bullet and get some cleats and cycling shoes. I got them fitted just this week and had a little practice clipping in and out without falling off. That, and pumping up my tyres to the correct pressure made a huge difference to my cycling. A huge shout out to Robin at the Specialized Concept Store in Covent Garden for helping me with everything! 

new shoes! 

So bike ride day came. We set off and within seconds I knew something wasn’t right. I looked down and realised I had a flat back tyre! We hadn’t even reached the end of the road! As I stood mesmerised, Anneleen realised that her cleats had broken! So we set off on foot instead to Cycle Surgery. 

Anneleen with her new cleats 🙂 

The guys at Cycle Surgery Waterloo Bridge were amazing (as always!). This cost Anneleen new cleats; for me it was a new inner tube AND tyre as the perpetrating piece of glass went all the way through 🙁 We were soon back on the road though albeit one hour behind schedule. With London traffic it took us an hour to reach the park having made a friend on the way so chatting away about my Duathlon in September and Anneleen’s Prudential 100 mile ride in August! We didn’t have time to do a lap of the park this time, but we had time for lunch in the (temperamental) sunshine before we had to head back. We got caught in a cold rain shower on the way back but luckily the sun came out again and dried us off within minutes (that and our beautiful technical gear!). 

it was rammed when we arrived…quiet when we left…

our bikes

While in Cycle Surgery, I picked up a flyer for their women’s cycle maintenance events coming up! I’ve already booked myself on June 10th at Waterloo Bridge as I know there is still a lot for me to learn and it’s great having someone ready and willing to answer my questions!

Here are the details:

“We’re pleased to announce, that our much loved in-store women only evenings are on again this year.
Taking place in a friendly environment, these free events are aimed at women who want to get more out of their cycling and are designed to inspire and encourage regardless of ability.
Spaces are limited so don’t delay and reserve your place now at: www.cyclesurgery.com/womens-events” 

About 15km each way to Rickmond park made for a total of 42km (including cycling to and from our meeting point!) today! I feel confident now that I will be able to cycle the 22km just need to find out how it feels to do it after running 10km and before running 5km! But I still have some time to practice! 

What’s your “thing” at the moment?! 

Elle 🙂 x



  1. Debbie Rodrigues
    May 23, 2014 / 20:54

    So exciting!!! I am preparing my 40 things before 40 list and I have already included visiting London. Man! You girls seem to have all the fun over there. Success!!!

    • Elle Linton
      May 24, 2014 / 21:46

      haha! it feels the same when we are in London – EVERYTHING is happening in the USA! …make sure you bookmark me and look me up when you do come to London! Will make sure your trip is EPIC!! 🙂 x

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