5 EssentElle Tips for Surviving Trade Shows

I’ve just spent a weekend working at The London Bike Show (with VeloVixen) and anyone would think I’m a novice. I made some rookie mistakes on Day 1 so I’m here to share with you, and remind myself how to survive the next one with 5 essentElle tips!

1. Take your own food / snacks

Unless you’re a huge fan of bread, options are limited and expensive. I ended up having a bagel and a baguette all in one day due to the lack of choice. Pack snacks (healthy options?!) that don’t need refrigerating. Day 2, I took along some quiche and salad.

Depending on the show though, there will be lots of samples around that can keep you going for a short while! You get to try out some of your favourites and try new things!

2. Be prepared to spend money / take cash

…there are usually many a bargain to be had at these kinds of shows. As an example,  I saved over 30% at The London Bike Show on a huge bottle of Cherry Active. So research who will be there and have a think before hand if there may be any purchases you would like to make.

With spending in mind, its worth noting that some vendors can’t accept card payments so ensure you take some cash with you or work out where the nearest cash point is so you don’t miss out on the deals!

3. Wear comfortable shoes

The day will involve lots of walking. Lots, and lots of walking. I actually saw a couple who had micro scooters…not abad idea! Your comfiest pair of trainers should do the trick!

4. Have your business cards handy

You never know who you are going to meet! I always bump into people I know who I haven’t seen in a while or only see at trade events so it’s good to reconnect and send them away with a way of remembering you. I also get chatting a lot with new people, networking; you never know, you could possibly find a way to work together in the future!

5. Stay hydrated / carry a refillable water bottle

This is a massive one for me as I have issues remembering to drink enough water on a normal day never mind an extra long day of non stop talking! On day 1 of The London Bike Show I figured I could pick up a free water bottle (they usually are in EVERY goody bag?!), but nope, not that day! So when I got the chance I popped out and bought a big bottle.

The best option is to carry a refillable water bottle, one with a filter even so you can just fill up at the nearest tap.

Any other tips you have for surviving long days at trade shows?! 

Elle 🙂 



  1. Lauren S
    February 19, 2015 / 15:08

    Remembering to bring business cards is a great tip! Also make sure that they are updated with all your current info 🙂

  2. CARLA
    February 19, 2015 / 10:33

    YES to the snacks.I tend to do the fitness shows where invariably they are offering lotttttsa free ENERGY DRINKS ;-)bring snacks.

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