Abel & Cole, Meet & Eat Organic Pop Up

Sometimes, just sometimes, you get perks from being a loyal customer and not just when you are new. I joined Abel & Cole (A&C) about 6 – 8 weeks ago after attending Be:Fit Festival. I’d been interested in food delivery for a while but needed to find a company that suited my needs.

I featured A&C in my Elle Loves, May Edition; since then, I have decreased my box to a small. I’ve also ordered a few extras from time to time (e.g lemons when I ran out) and the perks have been little and often including shortbread biscuits and olive oil for recommending friends.

A couple weeks ago, an email landed in my inbox inviting me to a customer event named Meet & Eat Organic Pop Up; a welcome shindig full of their fantastic organic evening-time food and drink. Sold. It was free. I instantly reserved 3 tickets and popped it in my diary. 

The evening was a chance to say hello to other new Abel & Colers, and some of the A&C team themselves, including one of their top foodies, Jassy Davis, Queen-of-the-Recipes. My first stop was the buffet; it was packed full of delicious food and luckily I had saved myself for it all!

My favourite dish had to be the Nacho Chicken Salad; I even went back for seconds! You can find the recipe here. Naturally, the next step was to meet the A&C gin expert and supplier to sample his delights then get myself a full sized gin cocktail from the bar in the courtyard. 

Once we were fed and watered, we ambled around to chat to some more of the team and suppliers including their “Herb Lady” who schooled us in taking care of basil (something I was eager to find out) and shared all the background on how they grow their herbs on the south coast.

I picked up an amazing coriander and lemongrass pesto recipe (which I promptly made the following day!) in between all the cheery chit chat with my friends Sharon and Angela who I took along. 

A huge Thank You to A&C for hosting such a lovely evening! The perfect combination of good food and good company! 

Do you eat organic?! Oh, are you a massive gin fan (I seem to recall a lot of people are!)?! 




  1. Karien P.
    June 26, 2015 / 13:30


    • Elle Linton
      June 27, 2015 / 22:03

      I know right?! 🙂 yum indeed! …about to get my chicken roasted to make the nacho chicken salad!

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