How To Cycle Safely This Winter

There’s no denying that winter is on it’s way and that’s no reason to pack your bike away until the sun comes back out. I actually began cycling last Autumn / Winter because I figured if I made it through the cold weather I’d absolutely enjoy the summer cycling even more!

With the change in weather though come added things to think about and your safety should be at the top of that list.

LV have created an awesome infographic about cycling in winter:

Have you:

  • checked your brakes?
  • got lights? …are they charged?
  • stocked up on shiny reflective clothing / accessories?
  • put mudguards on your bike?
  • check your tyre pressure? pedal grip? tyre grip?
  • have a seat cover?



Whats your winter lighting style?! 


When it come’s to lights, I’m definitely more of “The Christmas Tree”. I have a fully reflective backpack, a jacket made of reflective material, reflective trainers, trousers with reflective details and the lights that go on my bikes.



Wrap Up


Perfect outfit solution for cold / wet days:

  • coat (mine has ventilation which is created through opening two zips near my armpits!)
  • gloves
  • spare underwear
  • helmet cover
  • hi-vis jacket
  • scarf
  • waterproofs
  • hot drink (or at least a tea bag for when you get to work!)

My number one tip?!

…no matter the weather…

What tips do you have to share?! What’s your favourite piece of kit for the autumn / winter months?! 

…I’ll be sharing some of my recent cycle shopping too soon! 

Elle 🙂 


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