Elle About Town, February 2015

Can you believe it?! We are pretty much half way through February of 2015! It’s a big month for me, it’s the month I get to put my training into action. Remember, it’s my month of FOCUS.

Here’s what I’ve been up to or plan on getting up to in and about London Town!

SPOTLIGHT: The Yoga & Chocolate Experience, Secret Urban Escape

On Saturday 21st February, I’ll be getting my down dog on while my raw chocolate sets ready to be my post workout treat. Secret Urban Escape have planned yet another fantastic event taking place in a beautiful secret converted railway arch in Hoxton.

A 75 minute flowing yoga class sandwiched in between chocolate making and eating all kicks off at 1030am. I can’t think of anything / anywhere better to do or be, can you?!

Social: Redemption Bar, Holborn  

I found out about this place via a friend! They serve non alcoholic cocktails and food that tantalised my tastebuds even though everything was vegetarian.

I turned up unannounced one evening for cocktails and managed to convince them to squeeze myself and Kate in for dinner the following Friday! Best meal EVER! …They’ll be moving to permanent premises soon but will be in Holborn on Sundays and Mondays!

Social: Lab Organic, Covent Garden 

I’ve been meaning to pop in here for at least the last twelve months and I finally made it! I met up with fellow blogger, Victoria, of London Mewsings for a lovely catch up! I had a non dairy coffee milk concoction and a raw carrot cake muffin! The place is beautiful, clean, white, bright and they have free wireless internet. It was also peaceful so we could talk and actually hear each other!

Classes: Altitude Centre 

I hit up the Altitude Centre for a short class for my speed session in Half Marathon training. A series of sprints and my session was over. It was great to do my sprints in a class environment rather than just by myself though!

Here’s more about the Altitude Centre {BLOG – Training at Altitude}

Food: PhD Woman Meal Replacement Bar 

I got sent a couple samples of the Caramel Crunch 60g bars to try out. I’m not on a diet of any sort and could never fathom replacing an entire meal with just one bar! But I used the ones I had as a post workout snack. They got me from the gym back home in order to eat my next meal. Definitely a great option to have in your bag should things not go to plan and you want to avoid making bad choices. It’s not the most indulgent tasting bar I’ve ever eaten but I would definitely have them again!

Events: NTC Yoga, NTC Week, One Mayfair 

 As a consolation for not getting a spot on the NTC classes for NTC week I wanted, Nike put on a huge affair on the Saturday. I attended the final yoga class in this exquisite and large venue. After running to the class, a good stretch was in order. I got both a stretch and a workout! They also provided food, juices and snacks post workout, most of which were Whole30 compliant!

Coming Up….

London Bike Show 

Catch me on the Thursday (today), Saturday and Sunday on the VeloVixen Stand!

Brighton Half Marathon

…is just over a week away! Time to get race ready – choose my kit, choose my fuel and rest my legs!

North London Half Marathon 

Just two weeks after Brighton, I have the North London Half Marathon! This is a new event and places are limited!

What’s coming up for you in the next month?! 




  1. Vikki Roberts
    February 12, 2015 / 08:39

    Bit sad to read your comment about the food at Redemption bar being tasty "even though" it was vegetarian. It suggests that you've always had very poor vegetarian food when really it should be at least as tasty and definitely more inventive than meat-centric meals.

    • Elle Linton
      February 12, 2015 / 09:05

      Hey Vikki, to put my "comment" into context – eating vegetarian is a massive MASSIVE thing for me. I've eaten aubergine in my life, twice and still have not tried some vegetables. I've not had poor vegetarian food in the past, I've had incredible vegetarian food through Honestly Healthy and my point is that a menu doesn't need to include meat to tantalise anyone's tastebuds. …it kind of is a critical point to mention that their food is entirely vegetarian as not everyone is open minded about non meat options. …So yes, as I said, I had the best meal ever…even though the menu is fully vegetarian. 🙂

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