Lunching with Uber Eats in London

Sometimes, a brand just comes up with THE best marketing campaign and you shouldn’t fight it. Right now, its Uber Eats in London. Since the original “taxi” service launched, Uber have been in the headlines non stop and now they’re looking to take over the food delivery market in London.

I downloaded the app last week, and since then have used it four times. The first time, I ordered from Vita Mojo (who I wrote about here), then I got the chance to finally try out GymBites (who are a fellow Princes Trust supported business):

Then, my friend and I used the app to have Snog Frozen Yoghurt delivered to us on a sunny day after a killer workout while we chatted in Starbucks. Yeah, I did. So you don’t necessarily need to be in your office to have food delivered – you could be chilling in the park, or at the gym!

On my fourth use of Uber Eats so far, I got lunch delivered from Leon Restaurants. Each time it’s been super simple, quick and such a good deal I don’t see why EVERYONE wouldn’t try it once, because:

When you download the app, you can get £10 of free food if you use my code: eats-daniellel1928ue – (add it in the promotions tab before you order). When you order, I also receive £10 of credit, but then you get your own code to share with friends and earn free food too! It’s a win win situation and there is no obligation to use the app again!

I’m now keen to try the chicken and waffles from Absurd Bird, Pizza from Sodo Pizza Hoxton, bubble tea from Bubbleology, WeGrill and Crosstown donuts …just to name a few! So y’all need to get your free food, so I can get some more and keep this going!

So, let me know what you choose for lunch?!


p.s incase you’re wondering this post isn’t in anyway associated with Uber Eats, I simply just love the campaign, y’know, the value of word of mouth so am sharing it with you!


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