Dining with Uber Eats in London & Amsterdam

Way back in 2016, when Uber Eats launched, I’m not gonna lie, I was a massive fan. I loved the convenience of getting to try a ton of local(ish) restaurants without leaving the comfort of my office.

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    Most recently, I’ve just returned from a week in Amsterdam and Uber Eats was a great way to explore what was on offer in the city from the comfort of our hotel room (we stayed at The Hoxton). Being in the middle of a pandemic, we wanted to limit use of public transport – we didn’t use any at all during the week.

    I hadn’t used Uber Eats in a while, as they don’t cover my home address. Seeing the couriers around Amsterdam reminded me of the app so I re-downloaded it to check out what was on offer.

    Must Try Restaurants on Uber Eats Amsterdam

    We ordered from these two spots in Amsterdam:

    • Lois | Greek Street Food
      • menu in English, reasonably priced, really well packaged for delivery. super quick preparation
    • Sushi Only | Japans – De Pijp
      • menu in english, probably reasonably priced for sushi, well packed for delivery

    It was actually quite hard to choose as there were just so many options! I used the star ratings as a guide after choosing the cuisine – i.e sushi. We choose the ‘meet outside’ option and kept an eye on the tracker before heading down to the hotel reception to meet the courier.

    We did also eat at Gs de PIJP (image below), who are on Uber Eats in Amsterdam but we walked all the way there and back to eat in.

    chicken and waffles from Gs de PIJP on uber eats amsterdam

    When you download the app, you can get £15 of free food (off a £20 order) if you use my code: eats-daniellel1928ue – add it in the promotions tab before you order. When you order, I also receive £15 of credit, but then you get your own code to share with friends and earn free food too! It’s a win win situation and there is no obligation to use the app again!

    London Restaurants I’ve Tried

    It’s been a while since I used the app in London but here are some of the restaurants I had tried:

    • Mother Clucker
    • El Vergel
    • You Me Sushi (Grays Inn Road)
    • Farmer J
    • We Grill
    • Patty & Bun (Liverpool Street)
    • The Duck Truck
    • Leon (Moorgate)
    • Gym Bites (no longer operating)
    • Vita Mojo (St Pauls)

    I think using delivery services from restaurants are a really great way to continue to support them while keeping your personal risk low.

    What’s the last place you ate out at or got delivery?



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