Clean & Safe Mattress Shopping With TEMPUR®

This post is in conjunction with TEMPUR®, but you know me - all thoughts are my very own. Shout out to @ptmollie for taking these pics for me and Anna Rach Photography for an ace editing job!
Store from of TEMPUR®  Westfield Stratford

As we emerge from q’tine, I’ve slowly been re-integrating myself back into a sense of (new) normality.

Now, you must know that I’m a huge advocate for sleep and the benefits of sleep, especially when active. And check out these expert tips on how to get a good night’s sleep if you’re looking for tips.

Two of the biggest things that play a part in a good nights sleep for me, are my mattress and pillow. And without a doubt, the best way to choose a TEMPUR® mattress or pillow is to experience them in store – in a safe and clean environment.

So I took a little shopping trip to one of their stores to share that experience with you!

Who are TEMPUR®?

TEMPUR® was first created by NASA in the 1970s to cushion astronauts during lift-off but today, after plenty of research and development, the TEMPUR® material is used to make mattresses and pillows that evenly distribute weight and pressure, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep.

With my closest store being TEMPUR® Westfield Stratford, that’s where I booked an appointment to test out the mattresses, pillows and post q’tine experience.

Booking An Appointment

Although you are able to rock up to the store it’s much easier to make an appointment so they expect you. With post q’tine measures in place, just two households are able to be in the store at any given time.

It was easy enough to make an appointment via their Store Appointment Booking System where I left my details and time of day I would like to visit. I soon got a call back where I was then able to confirm a specific time.

TEMPUR® In-store Experience

I booked my appointment at the TEMPUR® Westfield Stratford store for early afternoon. As we are required to wear masks in stores, I did enter wearing my own mask but switched to one of the masks provided so you could see what was available.

The store has a hand sanitisation station just steps from the entrance and staff all wear face masks too.

Elle applying hand sanitiser at the the TEMPUR®  Westfield Stratford hand sanitisation station

Staff were clear on how the process would work explaining to me the measures that were put in place and plenty of signage was placed around the store to keep us informed.

Disposable covers are used over the mattresses and pillow for each customer and beds are sprayed with antibacterial once you’ve finished testing it.

It’s kinda weird how this has all become ‘normal’ so quickly. I didn’t feel uncomfortable while visiting the store at all with all the safety measures being evident.

Elle sitting on a the TEMPUR®  mattress and bed listening to a staff member explain about tth product
Mattress being sprayed with antibacterial after I tested it

Another important reason it’s better to experience the TEMPUR® mattresses and pillows in-store, is that they have a huge variety of options – soft to firm (and everything in-between) plus a range of depths.

I definitely confirmed my preference for a firmer style of mattress during my visit, trying pretty much every bed and mattress combination in the store. I can also highly recommend the TEMPUR® Ergonomic Pillows – I’ve been sleeping with one for well over a year and it’s reduced my neck and shoulder pain substantially.

Elle laying on a bed and mattress in the TEMPUR®  Westfield Stratford

If you’re thinking about purchasing a new mattress, I hope this post has served to put your mind at ease about the precautions being taken in TEMPUR® stores.

Have you ventured out to the shops yet?

And when did you last change your mattress? Is it comfortable?



This post is in conjunction with TEMPUR®, but you know me - all thoughts are my very own. Shout out to @ptmollie for taking these pics for me and Anna Rach Photography for an ace editing job!

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  1. August 21, 2020 / 16:16

    I never knew TEMPUR was created by NASA! Great post. We’re looking for a new mattress right now too!

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