A Little Life Update / Q’tine Edition (Part 2 | Summer 2020)

Before I dive in, I hope you’re all caught up on part 1 of my q’tine life update?! It seems that period of time actually covers a good 6 months when you think about it and Summer 2020 is well and truly here, if not making plans to depart pretty soon.

I don’t remember the exact dates of what happened when; the actual specifics of what was going on in the world are a blur. As well as the global health situation, there was Black Lives Matter and the aftermath that ensued, especially for me being a Black woman.

Black Lives Matter

I’ve always shared my honest thoughts and experiences here on the blog and on my social channels, and I can’t lie, it was cathartic to open up even more and speak freely… and maybe even be listened to. I was prompted to write this post sharing ideas to support Black creators (and Fitness Professionals, of course).

While dealing with my own ‘ish, I tried my best to support the movement in any way I could. I taught an IG Live class over on the Sweaty Betty IG page (shout out to my friend and SB Ambassador Carly for her support with that). As well as teaching a class at the online Inspire Fitness Festival organised by Leila Hobart.

Money was something I didn’t have very much of, so time, although also limited, was the most valuable resource I could share!

Podcasts Are Like Buses

I finally got to be guest on my first ever podcast thanks to Sarah of The Tough Girl Podcast. And then I got another invite, and another invite… and I even have a date in the diary for another one!

Here are the podcasts already live you can catch up on:

I became a ko-fi ambassador

Ko-fi is the platform I’ve been using to take donations for ‘free’ classes and most recently where I can be commissioned for Personal Training. I even have a shop on there where you can buy on-demand workout videos.

I became a ko-fi ambassador in Summer 2020

Ko-fi was a space for me to share my updates during l’down and to get support from those who were able to. It was an added bonus when they approached me to become an Ambassador. If you’ve got any questions about the platform, please get in touch.

My Australia Trip…

All those unicorns and rainbows from my February / Winter update disappeared when it became evident that travel was off the cards. Luckily, before everything even began, I had a gut feeling which made me only book accommodation that was refundable. Something was just stopping me from going too crazy or getting too excited.

I had also made a point of booking the tickets in January on a credit card and purchasing insurance straight away. The company I booked with were pretty diabolical with communication telling us (in a generic email) that our flights in June would still be going ahead even though we had confirmation directly from the airline to say the flights had been cancelled.

So it looks like Australia was just not meant to be… but I am dreaming of some time off, relaxation and good food somewhere before the end of the year.

Strava Local Legends Feature

Well, I might not have been able to travel to beautiful lands afar but I did get the chance to show off the beauty of my local area through a collaboration with Strava.

Summer 2020 Strava Local Legends Feature

They recently launched the Local Legends feature where you can be rewarded with a laurel for most efforts on a given segment. I got to take over their IG Stories for the day – you can catch up via the Elle Linton highlight on their page or the Strava highlight on my account.

You can also read more about myself and other ‘Local Legends’ in their Legends In The Making feature.

When Gyms Reopened…

On 25th July when gyms reopened, I was defo firmly in the “not very excited” camp for a number of reasons which I spoke about in an IGTV video. I hadn’t held out hope that my two Friday evening classes would remain on the schedule but, they survived the cut.

Albeit with an earlier start time, later finish time and 30 min gap in the middle to allow for cleaning. I took my first trip into town to teach on the 31st July to find a very empty gym, an empty first class and an unusually quiet second class.

Within a matter of days, I got an email telling me the classes were being cut. I’m so so glad I didn’t need to cancel any of my own classes or change my l’down routine in order to take on those classes as I would be right back at square one, with no income and nothing to call my own.

What’s Coming Next?

Well, isn’t that the question we’re all asking ourselves? I’ve no events planned; the one major event I wanted to complete for 2020 – Red Bull Timelaps – isn’t showing any signs of going ahead.

I have however managed to tick off a cycling goal – to work with a cycling coach. I purchased one of Alison’s 3 month training plans to start a little later this month. Alison is the cycling coach I sat down with to find out how to get fit for commuting.

Other than that… nothing too exciting is is the works… YET.

Have you booked any races recently?! Or got a new goal to work towards?!



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