A Little Life Update / Winter 20

Just had a read of my Autumn Life Update from 2019 to see where I left off, and wow, I think I did good with the manifestations! Considering that after I wrote that post, I spent most of my time battling one virus or another I’m proud to have even achieved anything worth writing an update on! haha! But here we are… so grab yourself a cuppa (I just drank the nicest night time latte from Pukka that I had a sample of!) ….and let’s do some catching up… in no particular order…

Working With This Girl Can & ASOS

In the picture above, I’m wearing a matching set from the ASOS 4505 workout range. A couple weeks ago, I filmed a short workout with This Girl Can (TGC) and ASOS which featured in Instagram Stories. You can catch up with the workout over on my Instagram account – it’s saved as a highlight.

It was good fun filming that workout – inspired me to film some similar stuff in the future. Maybe. Hmmmm. But the point of this workout was to provide everyone with some moves that could be done any anywhere, anytime, that would make you feel great.

This Girl Can x IWD x parkrun

Carrying on with the TGC theme, they’ve partnered up with parkrun on Saturday 7th March to celebrate International Women’s Day (which is on the 8th March). I’ll be headed to my local – Roding Valley, Loughton – so if you happen to be in the area, come join me!

My Current Reading List:

The University Update

If you thought the Uni updates were done, you’d be wrong! Since completing my studies I’ve been trying to figure “what next?” but that will come to me when the time is right.

In my last update, I had gotten my dissertation results and I was unsure if my over result would be a Merit or a Distinction (the highest award available). Well, good news peeps! I was awarded a Distinction for my MSc in Management and Business Innovation.

My graduation date was just released so I’ve booked my gown and tickets ready to celebrate me and my hard work on the day. I made so many sacrifices in those two years, but I’m proud that my hard work paid off! I still have some catching up to do especially with some Thank You’s to the F45 Franchise Owners who kindly gave me their time for interviews so I could complete my research. It’s on my to-do list!

Tickets Got Booked For Australia

I spent soooo much time in bed over the holidays that it gave me plenty of time to figure out, and like I said, manifest, the trip to Australia. When I last posted, I was thinking I’d go for 4 weeks, but in the end, I booked for ~7ish weeks. ‘Cos we only live once people.

Flights are booked and we’re about to book our accommodation for the 4 weeks we will be spending in Melbourne. I’m also slowly trying to figure out what we will be doing with the 3 weeks after we leave Melbourne. We’ll be flying to Sydney then the loose plan is to road trip for a week in a camper van, before heading up the east coast (in search of some sunshine) before flying home from Sydney.

If you have any tips for Australia, then send them my way please!

I joined forces with the BCMA

The BCMA is The Branded Content Marketing Association. Towards the end of 2019 I joined their Influencer Panel which was launched in recognition of the challenges that brands face in this often-complex sector.

So far, I’ve been to a meeting (and missed one due to illness), attended their Christmas networking event and done some work on building a community for them on Facebook.

Membership of The BCMA comes with some pretty decent benefits so if this is something you would be interested in, get in contact for some more information.

Other Bits I Did:

What’s Coming Up Next?

February is basically over. So I’m looking at March and April. At the end of March, I’m scheduled to be teaching a few Box FIIT classes at the Adidas Women’s Studio in Brick Lane, London so ladies, put the dates in your diary to get booked in!

There’s also still time to join us for the March Do Better Together Virtual Ride Series by Ayesha McGowan, which is for a cause dear to my heart – representation in cycling. You simply set your goals for the week long riding window and get it done with the support of the others who are signed up. You in?

Looking a little further ahead to April, I’m all signed up for the Adidas City Runs One Hour event on the 15th. I ran the first ever version back in 2018, and also again in 2019 so I’m excited to be back. I’m signed up for the 9am wave so lemme know if you’re gonna be there…

How did the start of 2020 pan out for you?! Any big plans being made yet?!



Main photo by Anna Rach Photography

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