A Little Life Update / Autumn ’19

A Little Life Update / Autumn ’19

I might as well just get in there and wish y’all a Merry Christmas to start with. I’m jusssst about getting this post published in “autumn”… I’m declaring the end of December the start of Winter. My last update was all the way back in August and somehow the time seems to have flown by to get us to here. So grab yourself a mug of mulled wine, or maybe a mug of Baileys*… or both?! and let’s do some catching up… in no particular order…

*not sure if you will be as excited as me but you can get a bottle of Baileys Almonde (Vegan) for half price here. When I ordered it said delivery would be 1-3 months (lol) but it came within a couple of weeks, very much in time for crimbo, and prob enough time for me to drink the bottle and buy another!

The University Update

Gonna just start this update here, cos I feel like everything I talk about starts with my MSc. But it’s good news. I got my dissertation completed in September with a few days to spare as they removed the requirement to hand in hard copies which saved me those days. I literally did lose the will to live and if it wasn’t for my mum I’m not sure I would have finished it as well as I did.

I then thought I would get my grade back in December but it ended up being made available in the middle of November. Not gonna lie, I was super nervous to log onto the portal and find out my result. But I did, and overall I’m happy with my result. I got 73% for my Msc dissertation and if my maths is correct, my overall grade for the course sits at 0.92 off 70%. I’ve been told that borderline results do go to the Board to be ratified and fingers crossed, my grade will be rounded up to 70%.

When I started the course, I had no intention of aiming for a Distinction and to be honest, it probably means nothing to the outside world. But the moment I realised I was on track for a distinction, I made it my goal. I calculated that I would need 77% in my dissertation to comfortably get 70%+ overall so when my results came through, initially, I was a little sad. I gave myself some time to sulk, and then reminded myself of the reality of how well I did.

If you’ve ever had to deal with feelings of failure or rejection, then you need to read this post for a little pick me up.

Online Influence Awards 2019

Previously known as the Vuelio Awards, this event was in late November. I was lucky enough to be shortlisted in the Best Health & Fitness Blog 2019 which is an honour. Sadly, I didn’t win but we had a great evening with dinner and drinks.

Online Influence Awards 2019

It’s Time For A Whole30

It’s been a while since I’ve done a whole30… I think it was Summer ’18 and I think it’s time for another one. It’ll be a great way to clean up my diet after surviving exams on sugar and barely having time to cook hearty, healthy meals. Over the past couple months, I’ve also been using Symprove probiotics which is something I wanted to try out for a few years so I figured the next step in my digestive journey was a whole30. I’m planning on publishing a post all about my 3 months on Symprove when I’ve completed it so hold tight for that.

Back End Blog Updates

In August, I spoke about updating my blog template and I did end up doing that. Bought one in the Black Friday sale so saved a few quid. The changes in my template were more about layout, flexibility and user experience than anything so hopefully no one has noticed.

In November I also switched advertising platforms from Google Adsense to Ezoic. Actually the switch wasn’t immediate; it was 50 / 50 for the first couple of weeks then I switched 99% to Ezoic after that. If you’re interested in finding out more or joining Ezoic you can use my Ezoic referral link here which will help fast track your application. You can expect to increase your ad revenue 50-250% with Ezoic. If you have any questions though, feel free to get in contact and I will happily help you out. Ezoic are a Google Certified Publishing Partner so I kinda feel like I am in good hands.

2019 Top Nine

We all know Instagram counts for not much these days – my engagement nowadays is probably half of what it was this time last year. There seems to be no rhyme or reason behind Instagrams algorithm so I figure I will focus more on my blog (it’s mine after all) and chill out on Instagram for a while.

As usual, the Top Nine website was there for us to see which posts did best in 2019. I’ve heard that some people got a screen saying they needed to pay for this so I have chosen not to share the link. With the unpredictability of the algorithm, these nine pictures probably mean nothing but all the same, they brought back some great memories, which if you missed, can be caught up on here:

What’s Coming Up?

2020, that is what’s coming up. I’m still trying to figure out some specific goals to focus on for the year but I think the plan will be to pick up some more teaching (hopefully catch me back at Frame soon). I’ll be sharing my goals on the bike shortly which details my choice of big race for 2020 and other plans.

Other than that, the only major thing I am trying to manifest is a trip to Australia in the Summer (their Winter). I’m hoping to go for at least 4 weeks… two based out of Melbourne and two on the move (thinking Sydney, Adelaide and NZ?!) but not sure if we will be able to squeeze that all in, or afford it to be honest. But we will see.

So as we move into 2020, I’m open to adventures in work, and in play.

How did this Autumn pan out for you?! Any big plans for 2020?



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