Dispelling The Fit Kit Laundry Myths

This post was written in partnership with Persil Powercaps, but you know me, as ever, all opinions are my very own!

Not so long ago, I was sat sulking after I made a very poor choice. That choice was to wear a recently acquired long sleeved white top to run Tough Mudder 5km. I was under the impression that there would be no mud so I thought I would get away with wearing it as a base layer. But the mud stained elbows on what would’ve been my favourite running top say different…

That tells me that this collaboration with Persil could possibly have come a little sooner to save me from regret, right? I’ve been testing out the newly launched Persil Powercaps range which comes in bio, non-bio and colour formulas meaning there is something to suit various needs when it comes to laundry. Anyone who has been hit by the fitness bug knows that the love of sweat comes with an increased pile of laundry and if you don’t have a wardrobe full of kit, you need a quick turn around of fresh smelling fit kit!

When it comes to keeping your (quite expensive) gym clothes clean, fresh and in the best condition, I’ve put together my top tips for you here:

Wash Your Gym Kit Separately

Well, for me this is not an issue as 90% of my wardrobe is fitness stuff. But what I actually mean is wash your gym kit separately… from each other. I’ve been there… I’ve turned my whites all sorts of dip dye colours by mixing them with brightly coloured and dark items and it’s a huge hassle to remove the dye stains.

Key Pieces To Keep Your Fit Kit Fresh

I learnt that there are a few key pieces you should keep in your fitness wardrobe. Firstly, you can’t go wrong with a good pair of black leggings. Invest in a quality pair that will last you a lifetime. Choose a fabric that’s made to keep you comfortable when working out, full length with a high waist will make you feel great when wearing them too. Next up, a good sports bra is essential. Go get yourself measured and then invest in a couple that you can rotate through out the week.

Forget The Tumble Dryer

As time saving as it may be, tumble drying your clothes can actually damage the fabric over time and when it comes to your fit kit, it will make the stretchy stuff not so stretchy anymore. Your best bet is to let your kit air dry. I always do my washing over night or early in the morning and then leave it hanging out to dry during the day. In the Summer months it’s dry by the evening and in the Winter I leave it for another night and then fold and put it away!

Save The Environment, Save Your Kit

I always wash at 30 degrees in order to  save energy. Usually the worry is that if you wash your clothes at a low temperature, you won’t be effectively killing all the bacteria and getting clean clothes, But if you combine a lower temperature with the right detergent then it’s not an issue. After trying out the Persil Powercaps for a number of weeks, my clothes have been smelling fresher than ever… and for longer! The Persil Powercaps come in a pre-dosed format so you literally just have to throw into the washing machine and add your laundry. The three main actions are to remove stains, care for your clothes and intensify freshness! To find out more about Persil Powercaps you can visit www.Persil.co.uk.

Have you tried the Persil Powercaps yet? …What tips or hacks do you have for tackling your laundry?!




This post was written in partnership with Persil Powercaps, but you know me, as ever, all opinions are my very own!

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