Elle About Town, October 2013

Been doing a fair bit this month (so far already) so thought I would just share with you now!

Events: #CHOSpin at Boom! Cycle Shoreditch

Our friends at Chobani organised a great evening of spinning for a group of fitness bloggers and enthusiasts! I’ve been to Boom! Cycle once before and had a great time! …This class was pretty much the same format…except we were treated to yummy Chobani smoothies afterwards.

I already gave credit to this picture taker…can’t remember who?!

Events: Keep it simpElle Supple Strength Class

So class went well – have a read of the post here and / or check out the {photo album on Facebook} if you haven’t already done so 🙂

collage of participant photos

Kiera won herself some Yurbuds headphones for Best Feedback. Here is what she said…

“I loved the class, it was totally worth half an hour getting lost between three buildings on Tottenham Court Road! Your friendly, enthusiastic personality really shone throughout the class and helped me feel relaxed in your class. I think the fact you did the class to awesome music helped the class speed by and slightly took away from the epic pain in my weak wrists. I really appreciated you took the time to walk around the class and help correct our positioning, ensuring that we would get the best workout possible and reduce our risk of injury. I definitely felt stretched but sore the next day:) You had some great sponsors at the event, really relevant to us as most of us were runners. I was very sad that I forgot to pick up some coconut water, but have been enjoying the nuun-deffo going to use the discount code. Only negative feedback is the studio space was slightly too small for the number of people and I felt I had my feet in some poor girls face way too much. Can’t wait for your next class! Will try to book in my powerplate class with you teaching soon :)”

Kiera’s prize

Winner of the Zaggora HotPants was Shirley for her great infogram…

Check out the full image on FB

And Jennifer won herself a couple bottles of chocolate Zico Coconut Water for a great picture of her trying out the Nuun which she received on the evening…

Love pink! Love Nuun!

Classes: Twerk it Out

We know GymBox love an interesting class and this one caught my eye for sure! With all the hype about twerking in the press I had to give it a go! …Unfortunately class wasn’t all that atmospheric as after our instructor realised she was in the wrong studio and found us, it turned out her iPhone 5 wasn’t compatible with the sound system. So they brought in a portable sound system which wouldn’t work with the music up loud! …Twerking to ambient Beyonce?! Nah, not happening. …I’m willing to give the class another chance when I have time though…

Classes: Battlebells

Then there was Battlebells! Wow! …It took me weeks to get a spot in this class as it fills up immediately so I thought there must be something cool happening here! My, oh my. What a workout! …A mix of battle ropes and kettlebell training… oh and lots of bodyweight exercises such as push ups, pull ups, plank etc made for a madly intense workout…I totally understand everyone’s love for this class!

Classes: Whipped / Tread & Shred

I hit up the (not so) new Equinox gym in West London for the dirty double! Two back to back classes with the fitness maestro that is Rory! …I’m not one to shy away from a challenge so why do one class when you can do two?!

We started off with 45 minutes of battle ropes, bosu’s, weights, sand bags (oooo!), squats, press ups… you name it we did it!

A quick 15 min recuperation and it was onto the treadmills for an interval session led by Rory. I’ve never done a treadmill class before but this was defo enjoyable!

Rory and the battle ropes…

Workout Gear: Add a little luxe to your workout…

Recently the focus has shifted in workout gear. Once upon a time, people would just chuck on any old t-shirt and joggers to go for a run or hit the gym. But it seems the fashion stakes have been raised and the world of working out has become a cat walk show!

I’m not gonna lie…I do enjoy putting together my best outfit for the gym. Fact of the matter is, i wear gym clothes more than I do normal clothes so I need to make it exciting somehow.

Check out Gymluxe; a new British sportswear brand that launched in August 2013.

I got my hands on a pair of their Diamond Cut Capri’s. Understated and glamorous at the same time. I whipped out a black high neck sleeveless vest with a mesh panel to match and the two teamed together had me ready to take over the world!

The waistband sat nice and comfortable and the diagonal mesh panels just screamed sexy! I wore these capri’s to teach a fantastic group of women who attend classes put on by Mothers Meetings. The ladies loved the leggings and wanted to know all the details of where I got them after class!

Coming up…

It’s my birthday this month and I’ve been loving the special offer texts I’ve had from places I have been loyal to (or AWOL for a while!) …£10 off my beauty treatment?! YES PLEASE!

…Birthday Bikram?! ..why not!! …I’m planning to visit Hot Bikram Yoga within the next week and get my sweat on! …all the in name of flexibility!

I’ll be attending the Next Bloggers Network Workshop on October 28th in London! I’m excited to learn more about blogging and meeting other bloggers (most likely non fitness!) from across the UK / London.

I’m off to the Doctor’s next week to get my knee looked at! I am a little scared of needing a little operation but the outcome will hopefully be better than a dull ache in my knee all day long 🙁

And I am THIS close to purchasing a bicycle! …building up the birthday funds and hoping the weather stays good for a few more weeks at least!

So what’s new with you guys?! …what classes / training have you been up to?! …how’s the bloggers life treating you (for those that blog too!)…

Elle 🙂 x



  1. Lucy Lunges
    October 18, 2013 / 17:53

    Enjoy Bikram yoga- I'm loving that at the moment.I'll have to try out one of your classes, it sounded great 🙂

    • Elle Linton
      October 19, 2013 / 18:58

      Hey Lucy 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! …would love to have you in one of my classes! I will be teaching a few Nike Training Club classes in November (which are free) and dates are listed on the Train with Elle page. …I also hope to run some more Supple Strength classes in the future so keep an eye out 🙂 x

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