How I Handle Life On The Go

There are times in life when you really have to stop and marvel at the catch 22s you’re faced with. When you seem to nail something (like meal prep) suddenly life gets so damn busy that you don’t even have time to eat… you even sometimes forget to eat (surely this can’t be just me?!)! This has definitely happened to me in the past (notably when I started a routine including swimming a couple years ago) and more recently where I’ve upped my weekly running mileage whilst trying to fit in all my teaching, meetings, appointments and the traveling that goes with running from location to location.

Here’s me throwing caution to the wind out on the trails…

I took a moment out (yes I did) to stop and think about the best strategies to help you reach your full potential without being held back by the inconvenience of things like heartburn or Indigestion (we’ve all been there, right?!).

…Having just had an epic “on the go” weekend – think early rise, coach trips, trail running, photography workshops, catered food, more travelling – I got a stark reminder of the results of when my schedule gets the better of me. Therefore, as per usual, this post is as much for me as it is for sharing any wisdom with who might be reading…

So I’ve scribbled down a mix of tips for those of us with hectic lifestyles as well as those who have a rigorous exercise routine so we can get out there and experience life without being held back by the inconvenience of things like heartburn or indigestion…

I’m gonna start with the usual lecture about getting enough rest…

I’m a big fan of sleep, and a big fan of downtime. I aim to have one day per week where I do not leave the house at all just to give my body the rest it deserves. When it comes to sleep, I try to make this a priority as I physically can’t function well on less than 8 hours a night. I realise we’re all different when it comes to the amount of sleep and rest we need but the one thing we have in common is that we do all need it. When you sleep is when your body repairs itself and puts to use all the training you’ve been doing. What’s the point in running miles and miles if you don’t allow yourself to actually reap the benefits?! If you continue to train without any recovery, you’re more likely to do yourself harm, become injured and not being able to do anything at all!

do it today: get to bed tonight at the time you always promise you will.

It’s time to seek adventure…

Then don’t forget to eat…

The biggest problem I always encounter is not being able to eat enough. When I get too hungry, I usually end up being bloated which is just uncomfortable and makes me feel self conscious wearing tight fitting clothes. I try to ensure I always have a snack on hand in my bag to keep me going until I can get myself to a decent (usually home cooked meal)…. which takes me perfectly onto my next point…

Planning your meals for the week helps…

My goal each week is to plan all the meals I will cook, order a food shop to be delivered with the required ingredients and then even if I don’t have time to “meal prep like a boss” (cook 4 days meals in one go) I can just refer to the list when I need to and decide what to make based on time / energy. The recipes I cook usually create 2-4 servings each time so there is plenty left over for a meal the next day or that can be popped in the freezer for really desperate times. Take the opportunity when you order your weekly food to stock up on snacks that you can carry with you each day for the times you get caught out.

do it today: pick a few new recipes from that cook book you haven’t opened yet. write a list for shopping tomorrow / order online for delivery.

It’s all about having the ability to reach our full potential…

You know what they say about Sundays…

How a Sunday well spent, brings a week of content?! …well, I think if you just spend 5-10 minutes each evening going through your schedule for the next day you’ll be set up for success. For example, I was totally unprepared for my trail run this weekend when I got my wires crossed and assumed breakfast would be provided, only to realise there would only be tea / coffee and fruit available. If I’d prepared the night before, I could’ve popped some overnight oats in the fridge to grab on my way out, or pulled out all the ingredients for an epic breakfast smoothie which takes less than 5 minutes to blend and can also be taken on the road. But lesson learnt!

do it today: check your diary now for tomorrow. is lunch or dinner already sorted (i.e eating out?). will you be out all day? do you have something you can pack for lunch? what will you have for breakfast?

Do you have any top tips for handing life on the go?! 

Elle 🙂 


p.s This post is in conjunction with Rennie® but, you know me, all thoughts and opinions are all my very own ;)   p.p.s photo credits IG @mrrichiep  


  1. Lisa Valentine
    March 6, 2017 / 09:12

    I needed to read this! I work a full time office job, freelance in my spare time and have a family. I'm forever chasing my tail so things like meal planning and such may help!

    • Elle Linton
      March 26, 2017 / 19:39

      When you get into the swing of it, it helps a lot! But then naturally you become too busy and fall out of the habit every now and again! haha! just don't beat yourself up about it!

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