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Update: In January 2020, EatFirst send out an announcement with a change of web address due to take place on 27th January. As of 28th January, this had not happened. As of this update on 18th May 2020, there is no access to the EatFirst website nor any announcements I have found to say they have ceased trading.

Way back in 2015, EatFirst invited me to try out their food delivery service. I jumped at the chance as life was a little chaotic at the time and having one less meal to prepare and think about was a bonus. It all got arranged, and everything was perfect. Of course. But I wanted to know what the experience would be like for everyone else. So I used the service again, and paid for it. Just to ruin the suspense though, everything still was perfect.

But now, it’s 2019. I used the service a few times over the years but because they used to only deliver in Central London it was only rarely convenient for me. I happened to check into the app a few months ago though and saw that they now deliver across the whole of the United Kingdom! So time to update the post and check out how things have changed…

EatFirst UK Meal Delivery

What is EatFirst?

It used to be that each day, for lunch and dinner, you’d have a choice of two fresh and healthy meals (and a juice) that you could have delivered straight to your Central London location. But now, it’s like a mini restaurant at your fingertips. A lot of the food is Japanese inspired as that’s what their Head Chef Ben likes. They have a decent choice of vegetarian (probably even vegan) mains, sides, desserts, snacks and more…

So, Is The Food Decent?

Well, yeah! It’s more like eating out than a thrown together lunch. When my delivery came, I unpacked it and chose what I wanted for lunch – Chicken Katsu Curry. One thing I’ll say that hasn’t changed is how high in calories their meals are though. The Chicken Katsu Curry has 719 calories so I’m defo gonna be doing a workout today! haha! But it took 4 minutes in the microwave and lunch was served…

One thing worth noting though is the fact that everything is recyclable and / or reuseable – the individual food packaging and all the packaging it comes in. Everyone is super into sustainability these days and take this into account when choosing where to spend their money.

EatFirst Chicken Katsu Curry

How Does EatFirst Work?

You can either visit the EatFirst website or download the app to see what is on the menu. On the site, they list the ingredients including any allergens in addition to the nutritional information. I opted to try out their Welcome Box which comes with 5 main meals, 2 sides and 2 deserts for around £40 when you factor in delivery charges.

You have to order before 3pm for delivery the next working day and they only deliver on Tuesdays through to Saturdays. I chose a Saturday delivery at home cos work sees me out and about most days. I got notifications the whole time from the carrier (DPD) and an hour time slot was texted to me on the morning which was super handy.

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If you are in Central London though you can use EatFirst like you would Uber Eats or Deliveroo, y’know, and get your food delivered within minutes of ordering. You used to be able to watch the delivery driver making his way to you when you ordered (see image below) but I didn’t use this service for updating the post. So now I have a fridge full of food that will last for at least 5 days and only takes a max of 5 minutes to be ready to eat.

eatfirst screenshot

My Final Thoughts?

If you’re busy and just looking to take the pressure off a bit on meal prep then this is a fab, albeit gourmet, option. For £40 a person, that’s about 2 pretty cheap meals out, that instead feeds you for 5 days and some. Minimum order for UK delivery is £30 and postage is £2.99.

You can also choose all your meals separately and they do portions for two people. And one last time for those at the back, I’m kidding – those in Central London – you can just order now, and get it delivered, well, now. Basically, there is something there for everyone!

So, would I use them again?! Well, I did didn’t I?!

Want Free Food?

You can use my personal Invite Code RF9HV51K to get £7.50 off your EatFirst order and try the service for yourself! Or they are stocked in Ocado. Either way, just enjoy!

What’s your fall back when you don’t make lunch at home?! 



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p.s this post is not sponsored, I paid for the food myself with a few quid off from referral code usage


  1. Steph Robinson
    March 20, 2015 / 16:36

    That looks like incredible value – I would never expect to pay as little as £7 to have hot food delivered, especially not a healthy, balanced meal! Sadly I'm nowhere near their delivery zone. I currently work near an outdoor market so if I've failed to bring a packed lunch I'll go there and get some Japanese food or a wrap. But if time allows I prepare my own lunch, to save money more than anything else.

    • Elle Linton
      March 26, 2015 / 16:25

      Yes, it is indeed good value which is important these days! Sounds like you're well catered where you work! …I'm with you though! My first choice is always to make my own lunch! Good to know there's a hearty option out there for the days I don't live up to it!

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