Getting Back On Track After A Fitness Break with TPW

Unofficially, I went on a fitness break. I haven’t dared to check but I suspect that for around 6 – 8 weeks (during August, September & October), working out took a back seat to life. What’s the big deal I hear you ask?! …Well! Up until this break, I’d been running pretty consistently, swimming regularly in addition to completing various events each month, a spin class here and there along with whatever else took my fancy. This schedule allowed me to EAT WHATEVER I WANTED. Therein lies the problem. I continued to eat what I wanted, yet was expending minimal calories. We all know the basic equation for energy right?!

calories in > calories out = increase in weight 

…and it seems for me that equalled approx 4 – 5kg.

So in stepped The Protein Works (TPW). Right at the moment, I decided I needed to do something about my “situation’. I spent an evening perusing their website to decide what would work for me – what could I use to seriously make a difference, but keep things balanced at the same time.

Here’s my “shopping list” of products I needed to get my hands on: 

Zero syrup – Maple / Dark Choc / Cherry
African Mango Extract
Protein Porridge&
Coconut Chips
Natural Almonds
Diet Protein Truffles

Number one on my list to try were the zero syrups. I become a fan of waffles since I bought my waffle iron but I know that the syrups I’ve been using have added a fair few extra calories which would be a good place to start to cut down. I tried the cherry syrup first on some low carb waffles (not trying those again! gimme all the carbs!) which basically was the saving grace of the dish! It’s not as thick as expected so you can’t make out the syrup very well on the image below but it tasted pretty good for  like, no calories, no fat, NOTHING. I had waffles again (of course) and tired the dark chocolate sauce which was an amazing addition to the strawberries and (actual) 85% dark chocolate toppings.

While we’re here, let me digress just a little bit. So part of my master plan to get back to my previous weight, I’ve been making an attempt to cut out snacking and cutting down portion sizes especially on days when I’m not particularly active. My stomach and I had come to believe that I MUST EAT EVERY 2-3 HOURS. This was very real for us both. Y’know?!

African Mango Extract. A natural extract which is (supposed to) reduce appetite, reduce hunger and control spikes in blood sugar levels, all in turn supporting fat loss. Sounded like just what I needed. The instructions say to take  1 – 2 tablets per day (60 minutes before a meal). I’ve mainly taken one table before lunch and / or before dinner. I don’t know if it’s in my mind but my snacking plummeted, I don’t suffer from HANGER, and I eat 3 sensibly portioned meals per day. I keep track on various days using the My Fitness Pal app which used to be a firm favourite of mine a few years back! Add to that, the reviews say that this supplement has done wonders for their skin too so surely that is an added bonus?!

The almonds got baked (10 mins at 200 degrees) and then blitzed into almond butter! I use almond butter as an extra protein & fat hit in porridge or smoothies. With absolutely nothing in it but almonds, it’s the epitome of clean eating! I did also nab a few to add to a mini pot of pecans, medal dates and dark chocolate pieces which I had as a snack on workout days / low calorie breakfast days.

The Protein Porridge comes in handy individual serving tubs which are great for portion control and also to pack in my bag if I need to have breakfast on the go / at work. The oats used are gluten free too which is always an added bonus for those who need to avoid that ingredient. Simplicity at its best, you just add water and consume!

…keep an eye out for recipes coming up in which I use TPW products! You can try out this Protein Acai Bowl using the TPW Paleo Protein which is flavoured and sweetened with fruits and vegetables!

Have you ever taken a fitness break?! Did it set you back?

Elle 🙂 

You can check out my thoughts on the Diet Protein Truffles in my Elle Loves, May 2015 Post.



  1. dani
    November 13, 2015 / 15:45

    Wow so much yumminess in 1 post! I wanna try TPW products now! Dani xhttp://missionworldie.co.uk/http://missionworldie.co.uk/

    • Elle Linton
      November 15, 2015 / 10:53

      I know right! …it's like guilt free eating 🙂 I need to increase my protein intake to help with my goals so these products have been a real help! 🙂 x

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