How To Snack Smart When Living A Busy Life*

*or in my case, when studying…

Since I started my Masters back in October I’ve been struggling big time with eating right, at the right time. My lectures were twice weekly, for 3 hours in the evening. That means that right slap bang in the middle of my lecture is when I should be eating dinner but the best I get is a 10-20 minute break. There’s certainly nothing stopping me eating during my lecture but ideally it needs to be something that can be eaten quietly (y’know, no rustling packets to distract everyone) or if I need an actual meal it needs to be something that’s already cooked and can be eaten cold.

I relied heavily on Pret baguettes and popping into Planet Organic for their student meal deal and/ or overpriced snacks but I can’t sustain that forever; not only would it impact my finances but soon enough I’d start to see and feel the impact on my waistline. So instead, I’m trying to be organised by ordering my food shopping to be delivered weekly (I always used to end up doing it when I remembered every 10-14 days) and buy all my snacks in that order so I don’t have to resort to buying (expensive) junk food.

Thought I’d share with you some of my finds from the supermarket and beyond that will hopefully keep me healthy over the coming weeks, months …and couple of years! It’s also relevant for those of you who may sit in long meetings throughout the week or even studying for your Personal Training qualification (yes, you’ll do a fair bit of sitting through all that anatomy and physiology!). So, in no particular order: 

1. Fulfil bars 

These came recommended by my blogging buddy, Fran, so I picked up three different flavours in Boots. Although they tasted great, I thought they were pretty expensive at £1.99 each and quite small (or maybe that’s greedy me speaking! Haha!). I also don’t think they agreed with my stomach; I’m lactose intolerant and these bars use whey protein to pack it in. Check out the whole range here in Holland & Barrett.

2. Pulsin bars 

These have been a favourite of mine for years and years now. My very favourite is the maple and pecan version which, pictured above, has had a bit of a branding / packaging makeover at some point. They’re a little on the dry and powdery side but I still love them as they’re nutty and delicious! Holland & Barrett stock the full range too, so check them out.

3. Eat Natural 

I got hooked on these when I’d pop into my local Sainsbury’s for a little top up shop. I actually bought the “protein packed” versions and then I decided I needed mix it up a bit so added the almond and apricot ones to my snack box. And basically, Holland & Barrett sell everything cos they have a few few of the Eat Natural range here.

4. Grenade CarbKilla

People have been going crazy for these protein bars since the Quest Bar wave seemed to have died down a little. And they’re pretty decent to be honest. I picked up four different flavours (eaten three so far) and have enjoyed them all. You won’t be surprised to know that Holland & Barrett stock a selection of the range.

I’m pretty sure I’ll find some new finds as time goes on too!

What do you throw in your bag when you know you won’t be able to eat?!




  1. jade dsa
    January 24, 2018 / 17:37

    Such a great post! I love snack time but always head for the unhealthy stuff. This helps!www.thatgoangirl.com

    • Elle
      March 19, 2018 / 10:51

      Thanks Jade! …usually the unhealthy stuff is much more accessible so it’s no surprise! I guess we just have to make a conscious choice whenever we can!

  2. Amy
    January 16, 2018 / 11:01

    I got some pulsin bars in my stocking at Christmas and have fallen in love! the brownies are incredible x

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