NEW! KISE RidePacs for Cyclists & Outdoorsy Types

I’m writing this post with the trepidation that I imagine any new parent would be feeling. When you’re about to launch something into the world with no idea what the results will be… correct me if I’m wrong!

When the world turned upside down, I found myself out of work, but with plenty of time and an imagination which knows no bounds. I dreamed up new ways to generate revenue – my favourite being my live online classes!

I’ve been sharing my journey over on my ko-fi page and now, I’m excited to share with you my first branded product… a ‘keep it simpElle’ custom ride pac…

design mock up for keep it simpelle custom ridepacs - dark blue with pink, orange, light blue and yellow diagonal stripes at the bottom and a white KISE logo mark.

Basically a ridepac is a handy, stylish and waterproof way to protect your valuables from the elements so it’s suitable for cyclists, dog walkers, campers… anyone who finds themselves outdoors in the very changeable British weather!

The design was chosen to show off my new branding which launches in late October, but to be subtle enough to suit all tastes and not make it all about me! Huge shout out to Cantara for sharing her thoughts and wonderful eye for design with me whilst I figured out what I wanted.

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Inside the RidePac there’s a zippered pocket where you can stash coins and keys, plus a slot for your credit card / i.d / race license and a separate phone compartment that will accept most smartphones.

Here are all the details you need…

How much is the ridepac?

I’ve listed the ridepac for £28.99. I’m not making a profit on these so your support is appreciated.

How much is shipping / postage?

Shipping will cost £2.99 but if you order now (pre-order) shipping will be free.

Where do I place my order?

You can make your purchase on my ko-fi shop here.

How many can I purchase?

You can purchase as many ridepacs as you like! The orders placed so far have all been multiple (which helps me to hit my target and order even sooner!). They make fab gifts for yourself or for friends and we’re in very good time to have them arrive before Christmas!

Are they female specific?

Heck no! The ridepacs are for everyone.

Do I have to be a serious cyclist?

What on earth is a serious cyclist?! lol …you just need to be someone who goes outdoors! So you could be a road rider, a commuter, a pootle to the shops kinda person. You might not even be a cyclist!

When will I receive my order?

I will ship orders as soon as I receive the delivery, I will keep everyone updated on my ko-fi page and via email.

When will you place the order?

I placed the orders in the third week of September, so the countdown is on! The production lead time is approx 7~8 weeks so all being well, we should have them well before Xmas! I will keep everyone updated on my ko-fi page and via email.

Even if you’re unable to purchase or the ridepac is just not for you, please do share with someone who you think might like it! Support comes in many different forms and it’s always appreciated!

What do you think of the design?!



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