Osprey Rolling Transporter 40 Review

Osprey Rolling Transporter 40
Osprey Rolling Transporter 40

Pretty much this time last year was when I shared my review of the Osprey Transporter 40 and how it would be the perfect bag for all your 2018 adventures! …and I still stand by that… I currently use it at least once a week and most recently it’s been my best companion for my cyclocross races. It was then no surprise that when Osprey launched a version on wheels that I was excited to try it out… meet the Osprey Rolling Transporter 40.

A Durable Duffel On Wheels

The Rolling Transporter 40 (available in 3 colours) is accurately described by Osprey as a durable duffel on wheels. Essentially, the pack is comprised of one large compartment with compression straps that can be used to keep everything in place. There’s also a decent sized pocket at the top of the case (near the retractable handle) that I like to use for items which I might need quick and easy access to when travelling.

birds eye view packing the rolling transporter
what i packed in the transporter 40

What & How I Packed

I took the Transporter (an Osprey 40l pack) on a little triathlon road trip to Lanzarote for a few jam packed days of swimming, cycling and running to see if I liked it as much as or more than then previous version. The 40 litre is a handy size as it fits the carry on sizes for most airlines but worse case scenario, should they still stick your baggage in the hold, you know it can stand up to the treatment!

  • 1x full cycling kit
    • long sleeved jersey, short sleeved jersey, base layer, padded shorts, gilet, sports bra, socks, gloves, cap, headband, shoes, sunglasses
  • 1x running kit
    • tights, socks, trainers, sports bra, long sleeved top, sweatshirt
  • swimming kit
    • costume, goggles, 2x swimming hats, flip flops
  • 1x paddle boarding outfit
    • rash vest, bikini top, leggings
  • nightwear
  • 2x evening outfits
    • jumpsuit, jersey dress
  • make up and toiletries
  • Laptop, chargers (laptop and phone)
  • Stuff I added to come home:

I found it easier to put all of my clothes into outfit bundles and then pack them together so I could easily find what I needed in one place; you could also just use some packing cubes (I have these ones, don’t know why I didn’t use them!) to keep everything even more organised. I used the zipped mesh section on the inside of the flap to hold smaller items such as underwear and socks.

Need More Room?

Then check out my review of the Osprey Rolling Transporter 90.

You are gonna love this if… you’re an adventurer who’s not a light packer and can / will be checking your bag into the hold.

Think twice if… you’re more the short haul, carry-on type of adventurer

The Duffel vs The Rolling Transporter

I’m pretty sure the names speak for themselves but the main difference with the rolling version is the frame and wheels it sits on. The duffel comes with straps to use it as a backpack and also one messenger style strap which makes its super versatile whereas the rolling version just has handles (so you can’t carry it as a backpack which I think would be a great update in the future!). Otherwise, inside and out, they are both the same in terms of space and design.

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The Rolling Transporter 40 in Detail

Empty, the case weighs just 2.7kg so you won’t lose out on packing all the kit you need! The maximum dimensions are: 55cm (l) x 36cm (w) x 23cm (d). I travelled on EasyJet no problem with this case however, some airlines (I’m looking at you RyanAir) have severely restricted dimensions that this case would not fit, unless you have Priority Boarding from RyanAir to take it in the cabin or check it into the hold.

If you do decide to check in your duffel then you can keep your stuff secure as the zippers are lockable. The pack has a handle on each side making it easy to grab from anywhere including the illusive baggage carousel or overhead lockers on the plane.

The wheels are said to be built to handle all sorts of terrains and I can confirm that when I ran over my own toes, the wheels came out as the winners! ha!

You are gonna love this if… you’re a regular traveler who appreciates quality, adventure and style

Think twice if… you’re not the carry-on type of packer! They do have a 90L (read my review here) and 120L version though, so something for everyone.




  1. Reese Brucker
    May 29, 2019 / 02:44

    When you bought Priority boarding on Raynair, were you able to use the transporter as your “larger cabin bag (55x40x20cm) with a maximum weight allowance of 10kg into the cabin” without any extra fees? I am traveling to Europe and am having the hardest time finding a travel bag that conforms to low-budget airline regulations. I am hoping to buy this bag and the REI 18l Rucksack as my “one small bag (40x20x25cm).”

    • Elle
      May 29, 2019 / 09:25

      Hey Reese! I flew with EasyJet where the dimensions are generous enough to accommodate this bag. Ryanair is a risky one. If those are the dimensions that you shared this bag measures bigger by 3cm (over 20cm depth). Personally, I wouldn’t risk it with them. They’re notorious for being over the top about these kinda things and due to the wheels being on the bag its not as flexible / squashable as the non rolling version (which can be squeezed to fit in their size checkers if needs be).

  2. February 2, 2019 / 16:56

    Oh this looks like a really useful bag! I do love Osprey as a brand, their kit is such good quality.

    • Elle
      November 24, 2019 / 22:36

      Just writing a review pdf the latest version of this bag which is even more EPIC!

  3. January 21, 2019 / 19:58

    I’m just here to say that I’m super jealous that you went to training camp in Lanzarote. It’s on my to do list but it’s a much longer trip from Miami. 🙂

    • Elle
      November 24, 2019 / 22:37

      haha! my visit was short and sweet but I am hoping to make it back there in a few months! You’ll have to take on a few days there if / when you visit Europe for sure! (also happy to swap Miami for London! Miami is a fav of mine!)

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