The Osprey Transporter: For Our 2018 Adventures

Elle holding the Osprey Transporter open as she goes to put a bottle of water inside
Photo Credit: Donna | Hues of Delahaye

The Brand behind the Osprey transporter

It’s not often you get to meet a brand, or at least the people who work for a brand that know the products inside out. When the opportunity came up to do just that with Osprey I jumped at the chance.

It’s no secret that just a few years ago I was not a fan of the great outdoors. And whilst much has changed, I’m still a fan of creature comforts and good quality items especially when it comes to bags / luggage.

Having spent a little time getting familiar with the majority of the Osprey product line I had a thing for the Transporter (40L to be specific) but …“it’d be perfect if it had straps to make it into a backpack too!”. So you know why I now have it right?! Because it does in fact turn from a hold-all to a backpack in a matter of seconds.

Photo Credit: Donna | Hues of Delahaye

How functional is the Osprey Transporter?

I picked the 40L because it’s a reasonable size (for a fitness professional) to lug about everything I would need for the day but it also complies with budget airline carry on sizes for Europe making it perfect for weekend adventures. It comes in 65, 95 and 130L versions… for those really epic adventures.

|| Buy from Wiggle here ||

It’s supposed to be water resistant and I can already verify that as the day I took it out to get some pictures it poured with rain which the bag could hold up to but not the cameras so we didn’t get the pics… but got a few candid ones (featured) when out and about!

Essentially, the bag is made up of one large, central compartment with internal straps to keep everything in place. When you wear the bag as a rucksack the compartment zip is flush with your back which makes its pretty secure, especially if you’re out and about (a) town.

There is also a pocket on the top for all the things you’d need to have to hand plus an I.D pocket so you can easily identify which pack is yours… cos y’know, your mates might have the same pack! But you don’t all have to get lime green (other colours are available including black but I thought that’d be too boring!).

So, time to plan some adventures for 2018, right?! …I think it’ll be mostly weekends in Europe for me due to work / studies. Would love to get a weekend ski trip in for next season and will defo need some sunshine at some point too!

UPDATE: The Osprey Rolling Transporter

As if this bag could get any better… I’ve just attended the preview for Spring 2019 and discovered there is now a version of the Transporter that comes with wheels / handle etc.

    It comes in all the same awesome colours but red is only available as an option in the 40L (available on Wiggle here). Wiggle also have the 90L and 120L versions. You can now read my review of the 40L here and the 90L rolling transporter here.

    What adventures have you got planned so far?! …Are you an Osprey fan already?!



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