Recipe: #Whole30 Chocolate Protein Smoothie

I’m currently half way through my 4th whole30 and have been training hard. This means I eat a little more than normal, especially after swimming; it works up one heck of an appetite. As with most people, I also find myself time poor on occasions and need a quick and easy option.Most protein powders are non compliant but this one by Bio-Synergy is 100% egg whites, which means 100% paleo and 100% whole30! I’ve had it in the cupboard for a while but was a little apprehensive about how it would taste so I created my own smoothie recipe to “make the medicine go down”.

Chocolate Protein Smoothie

You can play around with the ingredients to suit your tastes i.e if you like it sweeter, add a medjool date, or if you’re not a fan of banana, swap it for half an avocado!

It’s the perfect breakfast smoothie or post workout recovery smoothie! If you fancy trying out the Paleo Protein, you can get yourself 10% off at Bio-Synergy using code CL10.

Let me know what you think if you try out the recipe! Did you add anything else?! 



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