How To Start A Successful Fitness Routine From Scratch

I have lost count of the amount of times someone has dropped in the conversation “how fit I must be” or “you’re always working out” when in fact, the reality is very different. Juggling an MSc, teaching, blogging and most recently, working full time, has meant that many things ended up taking a back seat. However, despite the constant change in my schedule, I think the one thing I need in my life is a solid fitness routine…

The Hardest Part is The First Step

…and believe me, I can speak from experience! Fitness loves consistency, so the minute you stop, you start to lose everything you worked for. This makes starting again, or getting back on the wagon, one of the most difficult parts. I put together a few of my favourite tips that I am personally using to get my fitness back on track…

Start With Small Changes

It’s not always about “go big, or go home”. Personally, I regularly fail due to overcommitment. Adding a class every day to gaps in my schedule always seems realistic but your diary doesn’t account for how you will physically feel. Tess (FitBits) reminded me that we should all be kind to ourselves. She said “don’t rush back into where you were before… with running and cycling, make every session an adventure and find new routes to explore. Some of the greatest experiences I’ve had are riding my bike in new places.” 

“Commit to some form of daily movement. Listen to your body, and keep things fun.”

Eulanda, Hey! Dip Your Toes In

Don’t Go It Alone

Most of us would imagine this one was obvious, and so it might be. However, I don’t think it’s as easy as it sounds especially for those who find themselves in situations where they don’t actually know anyone. It can be harder to make friends as we get older, but there are fitness communities out there just waiting to have you get involved!

These days, there’s a club for everything, be it virtual or offline. Adidas Runners are the ones that spring to mind; they built their tribe in London for runners and women’s fitness. I haven’t made it to one of their sessions in a while, but I did get my hand on the trainers of the moment – Ultraboost19 – from The Sports Edit.

If you do have friends and family that like to be active, then make some plans with them! Helen (1 Vision 2 Girls) says “make fitness plans with friends, run together, cycle together etc, less likely to cancel if you are accountable to someone else”…and I can vouch for this!

Having agreed to go to Parkrun with Helen recently, I woke up on the morning and seriously considered cancelling to the point I had written the text message in my head. But, I didn’t wanna be that person; I want people to associate integrity with my name so I turned up and had a great morning!

Do You Need A Goal?

Now this one is personal and I believe is determined by how you are motivated – i.e internally or externally. I’ve had goals that have kept me on track and I’ve had goals that make no difference to me when I decide to skip a session.

Is a goal something you need?! Or would a training plan suffice? Check out Auro fitness app or the FIIT app both of which are packed full of workout plans that you can do at home, in the gym or whilst travelling. Fiit even have live classes that you can do from the comfort of your own home – they add an extra element of competition to your workouts!

My goals for fitness right now are to feel energised, remain healthy and to find inspiration for my teaching. I’m hoping to be jetting away for a few days of fitness and sunshine in May so who wouldn’t wanna put in a bit of effort before that?! And then, I’m thinking about adding in Red Bull Timelaps in October, post MSc, which I will definitely need to train for to build endurance.

“Take the pressure off and work on having fun, enjoying what you’re doing and not trying to become a completely different person overnight”

Beki, Miss Wheezy

If It Aint Fun, What’s The Point?

This was a quote I heard someone say years and years ago that just stuck with me. People, life is short. Don’t beat yourself up for missing a workout and don’t force yourself to do something that you don’t enjoy. Lucy (Lucy, Life & Bikes) said “I’ve always found switching things up helps.

Try a new sport or activity. You meet new people and you’re learning a new skill again rather than doing the same thing all the time”…and I’d just add, keep on switching it up till you find something that motivates you and excites you every time you do it!

Do you remember how it felt to start a new fitness routine?!

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  1. June 11, 2019 / 00:53

    Great article! I always find that having someone to do the fitness sessions works for me. I totally agree on not doing it alone. Thank you for sharing and I’ll definitely try the Auro Fitness App.

    • Elle
      June 21, 2019 / 21:56

      Hey Sofia, thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoy Auro if you do end up checking it out!

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