Run With Us: Top 5 London Running Routes from Break The Loop

Run With Us is a new series I’ve started to coincide with the launch of the newest run club on the block – #WinterRunClub – each and every Thursday evening in the lead up to the London Winter Run (full details for each week can always be found on my Facebook Page or on Eventbrite. It’s completely free to get involved and if you choose to join us for the London Winter Run you can get a few pounds off your entry with code SIMPELLE3.

The aim of the posts are to inspire you to keep pounding the pavements throughout the colder weather, to share knowledge with you and of course, to inspire you to Run With Us!

Running is the most natural form of exercise we can do, from our very first tottering steps we were forming the basis of a love for running, a love that has perhaps been forgotten for some. I know I go through phases of love… hate… love… hate… survive… love… you get the picture! I would hazard a guess that 99% of those who hate running, more than likely do so due to one, or a combination, of the following…

Lack of running i.e. general fitness, which actually makes any exercise bloody awful for the first few weeks or so, until you find your feet.

Or, on the flip side…

Too much, too soon which then resulted in injury, only compounding the false view that running is bad for you. I’ve been there and stress fractures aren’t pretty, they also definitely put you off running for a while, also not the goal!

Running really is for everyone, in varying different stages of enjoyment, intensity and distance. The most fantastic thing about it is that all you need is a pair of trainers and a general sense of direction. Although, with smart phones being so commonplace, even the latter isn’t really all that necessary.

As much as I have been known to moan and groan about getting out there to do my weekly runs (see love, hate comment above), London really does have some beautiful running routes, especially when the weather cooperates. I’m partial to a greener, more open plan environment when running but for all you urbanites out there, running the streets of London can make for some amazing architectural viewing, perfect for helping those miles tick by!

Here are my ‘Top 5 London Running Routes’, in no particular order;

1. Richmond Park. You really get a sense of being away from it all, away from the City.

2. Hyde Park. Also a lovely little escape from the madness of London, you can zig zag around and make your run as long or as short as you like, without getting bored from doing the same old laps over and over again.

3. Along the canal …joining up all the Royal Parks. This is a massive favourite of mine, one that I really wish I did more often! (Note to self!)

4. Parkland Walk, through Finsbury Park, up past Highgate finishing at Ally Pally. That view! Perfect for post work, nighttime runs!

5. Embankment (Both North and South side). You will have to get used to people dodging if you want to run in peak hours, however I’m fairly certain that all that ducking and weaving counts as core work so it’s a double win.

Anyone have any routes to add to the list?


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Hayley is London based writer, fitness model, triathlon fanatic, travel bug and co-founder of lifestyle blog, Break The Loop. She lives in South London with her man – Dan, her two pups – Betty & Snoopy, and a rather handsome feline named Oscar. Despite it occasionally feeling like she resides in a zoo, she is definitely still in the market for a miniature Daschund named Norman. Her big dream is to quite literally ‘break the loop’ by making the jump across the pond to the US of A and continuing to do everything she does now but in the sunshine and preferably by the ocean.


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  1. yokasta
    November 7, 2016 / 15:31

    Great post! While I'm not local to you, this gave me an idea to look for now routes in my area.

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