Ten minutes with Nicola Adams

Did you have a read of the Energizer Night Run #MyMoments post?! Did you know then that my next post would be my interview with Olympic Gold Medallist and Energizer Night Run Ambassador Nicola Adams?! …wait no more!

I had ten minutes…scarier than the race itself but I was assured that Nicola was lovely. I racked my brains about what to ask her…I didn’t want to come with the same questions she has surely been asked a million times before. Then I was confused…she’s a boxer…we’re at a running event…which direction should I go?! …This is it!

Nicola and I 🙂

“Hi Nicola. My name is Elle, of Keep it SimpElle; it’s a pleasure to meet you! ….Before I begin, I would like to congratulate you on your Olympic success of 2012.

What was behind your decision to be an Ambassador for the Energizer Night Run? Is this a part of your legacy from the Olympics?”

Yes! I’m aiming to inspire the next generation to take up sport; do this run and keep fit! It’s not all about winning, it’s about getting involved and all the positive energy that comes from that!

“There has been a lot of focus on the female drop out rate in sport – what was it that kept you committed through your teenage years and into adult life?”

I’ve always had a passion for sport and boxing in particular. It all started when mum took us to the club with her as she had no babysitter. I absolutely loved it. Opportunities like tonight’s run are great to get people back into sport.

“What advice would you give to anyone considering getting back into sport?”

Go for it! Don’t let anything stop you! Just find the energy to keep going!

“Talking of energy, I’ve been struggling through my run training – what gets you out of bed on a really difficult morning?”

I have to dig deep for that extra energy and stay focused. If I’m having a lazy day, I remind myself that my opponent could be out there training….

“So what is your ‘Power Song’?”

Awww, Jay Z and Kanye West – Ni**as in Paris

“What other sports / activities do you enjoy?”

Snowboarding and archery…

“What’s your favourite outfit to workout in?”

I definitely wear whatever is comfortable! Usually a t-shirt and shorts or skins and shorts!

“How do you stay hydrated when working out?”

I use electrolyte drinks to stay hydrated; mostly a drink called SiS.

…time is running short so I have just a few quick fire questions…

Nike or Adidas?! ….Nike

Running or walking?…running

Morning or evening?…morning

Night in on the sofa or out at a club?….in on the sofa

2012 London or 2016 Rio?…2016 Rio

Sunshine or rain?…sunshine

Energizer or Duracell? …Energizer

Right or left?…left

Powerseal or Powerboost?…Powerseal

Beach holiday or skiing?…beach holiday

Indoors or outdoors?…indoors

5km run or 10km run?…10km run

and finally…


…girl after my own heart!

Elle 🙂 x


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