What Happened After Tough Mudder Full?

kiss of mud tough mudder full obstacle sponsored by Black Tower Wine

After I kissed some mud with Black Tower, who are the official sponsors of the obstacle (pictured above) and Tough Mudder itself, jumped in mud, slid in mud, fought in mud (yup, me and Jenny… should’ve caught my IG stories!!) …made a mud angel, danced in mud,  laughed, screamed and complained I was starving, I picked up my first ever Tough Mudder Full Headband aaaaaand my 3x Repeat Offender Headband for doing a 5km, Half and Full in one season. But then what happened?!

Food Was The Main Thing On My Mind

I spent the final 5 miles of the tough mudder full telling anyone who would listen how hungry I was. I knew I’d get hungry; I told you in my last tough mudder post. Like clockwork the hunger kicked in. We chatted about burgers and sweet potato fries mostly but what I actually succumbed to after shoving a ton of crisps down my throat on the finish line was a Chinese meal from my local. Yum. I kept it balanced though… carbs, protein and fat.

drinking black tower wine after tough mudder london south

Washed It Down With Black Tower

As I drove to the event it meant I couldn’t sink a drink on the finish line. I looked longingly at the Black Tower Rose (pictured above) and waited patiently till I got home to have a glass with aforementioned Chinese! Jenny and I still had our #CheersToMe moment though… not even not drinking could take away from the epic challenge we had just smashed! I was super proud of Jenny who had spent the last few months telling me she’s not a runner; but any tough mudder participant knows that there is so much more to the event than running…

Twelve Hours of Sleep…

Needless to say, at this point I was knackered. So, yes. I slept for 12 hours. I was spark out by 9pm and it felt so good waking up at 9am the next day. I know I bang on about sleep a-lot but it’s so important. I didn’t get the best nights sleep before the event which didn’t help in any way… and I’ve heard it’s kinda impossible to ever catch up on what you’ve missed but I think I gave it a damn good go!

Drinking All The BCAA’S

I rammed my 1L smartshake with water and some fruity BCAA’s to help me rehydrate and also to reduce fatigue, speed up recovery and reduce muscle soreness. I swear by the stuff. I was using it during and after Lift classes and I could notice a difference then. There’s way more behind BCAA’s so do some research and decide if you think they might be for you…

stretching my legs in roding valley recreation ground

Stretch The Legs The Day After

My usual post run therapy is to don my compression socks and this weekend was no different. I firmly believe they help to speed up how quickly my legs recover! The morning after the day before, I got dressed and got outside for some fresh air and to stretch my legs with a short walk to continue to aid recovery.

Relive The Memories of Tough Mudder Full

I cannot stress enough HOW MUCH FUN I HAD! …I enjoyed reliving it all as I posted my stories on IG that evening (they’re gone now but maybe I will create a highlight?!). Seeing how much fun I had made it all worth while in the end… I would challenge anyone to not have the time of their life when taking part…

…who’s ready to sign up with me for 2019?!

Elle 🙂 


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p.s this post is sponsored by Black Tower Wine, but you know me, all thoughts and opinions are my very own ;) 


  1. October 11, 2018 / 15:56

    Well done Elle! This is such a great achievement and we love the recovery walk the next morning!

    • Elle
      October 15, 2018 / 21:09

      Thanks Zoe! I’m super proud and happy I never really have to do the full one again lol 😉

  2. Virjinia
    October 3, 2018 / 19:57

    That’s such an epic event! Way to go and way to celebrate afterwards. Twelve hours of sleep sounds absolutely awesome after a hard event like that!

    • Elle
      October 15, 2018 / 21:12

      haha! Thank you! …I do love my sleep so 12 hours was the dream 🙂

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