5 More Ways To Stay On Track With Your Fitness Over The Holidays

The big day is right around the corner now and I dunno about you, but I’ve not been holding back! I’ve eaten anything I’ve wanted, anytime I fancied it but I found solace in the fact that I have actually still been training regularly! …every cloud and all that!

Before I fell down the abyss of holiday eating, I had reached out to some friends to find out what their strategies were for staying on track with their fitness over the holidays. Then I went way off track with blogging (I blame my shoulder injury; did I tell you I tore my rotator cuff?! …and then a horrid head cold for almost two weeks). Anyway, I’m back, and just in time to share what they told me with you…

Here are five more ways to stay on track with your fitness over the holidays…


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Make It Fun; Don’t Put Too Much Pressure On Yourself

Sometimes we can become a little too focused on “eating clean” and avoid treats etc.  As Tess, of FitBits told me, “It’s Christmas, and Christmas is for indulging! Just be consistent as you can and get outside for a run, walk or ride when you can. I *LOVE* my Christmas day run, it’s always a bitterly cold, crisp winter’s day – and the post-run reward of Christmas dinner, chocolate and booze is more than worth it!”. 

Earn Your Dinner

Helen (HelsBels) suggests that we “Go to Christmas day parkrun! It’s free, it’s fun and it’ll give you loads of energy for the rest of the day plus you’ll really enjoy that Christmas dinner after” …Personally, I don’t have a car so access to park run is limited for me but I may lace up and do a mile or two at least in celebration of the big day. A couple years ago, I was lucky enough to be staying in the centre of London enabling me to run along the River Thames on Christmas Day which was simply glorious (barely any traffic, and barely any people!); this doesn’t happen often, if ever in London.

Photo Credit: Lolography

Drink Plenty Of Water To Stay Fuller For Longer

“It’ll help you feel fuller so you’re not as tempted to eat lots of holiday treats!” Laura of Fat 2 Fit told me. “And if you do want to have a treat just be mindful… eat because you’re hungry and not just because it’s there!”. Now this is good advice! I start every day with a glass of water before breakfast; it was a small change I introduced in the hope of it becoming a good habit (which it now is). As well as aiding with hunger, it’s also crucial for hydration as we can often forget about consuming water in the colder months.

Get Social / Workout With Friends / Commit To A Challenge

Johanna told me… “In terms of workout I schedule sessions with a partner as they are less likely to be cancelled”. This was the main reason for me starting Winter Run Club; it serves as a chance to socialise and also ensures I show up once per week and actually run! Having the London Winter Run in juts 6 weeks is also a great motivator as I’m looking to get back into 10km shape (run a sub 60 minute race) or even PB but I have a whole post coming about that!

Bex (The Art of Healthy Living) suggested that we “Get the family involved! Hikes in the countryside, geocaching – sooo good, especially for kids, treasure hunts, fun runs with kids. The key is to make it fun so it doesn’t feel like you’re forcing yourself into exercise. Fresh air is proven to increase those feel good endorphins and when you’re happy you’re far less likely to emotionally eat or to grab all that naughty stuff.”

Hayley (Break The Loop) said “I always join in with a virtual challenge, something like strava’s Festive 500… You bike 500km between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve… It has to be outside so it can be a bit brutal but I certainly don’t feel guilty about over indulging over Christmas AND I know I’m starting the New Year with loads of miles in my legs!”

Mona (The Heavy Blog) shared…. “My friend is having a massive engagement party in January so I’ve bought a dress for it and the goal is to fit into it comfortably by then!”

I’ve been creating a little (well, rather long now) list of things I wanna do in 2017 and the Rapha500 Challenge that Hayley mentioned may well be something I aim to tackle this time next year! I’m hoping by then I will have plenty of winter cycling gear so I can keep my bike from hibernating when the sun decides to duck out on us!

Photo Credit: Lolography

Keep your workouts short and sweet / get it done at the start of your day

“The Christmas holidays are usually quite busy for most of us socially speaking, so it can be really tricky to fit in a proper workout/run. So my key advice is to do streaks – short but intense workouts that really get your heart pumping. 15-20 minutes a day could help people keep their fitness levels up! Doing a little but frequently is easily manageable and is more than doing nothing at all- every little helps. It could be a dash around the block or a HIIT style home workout whilst the turkey is cooking.” Timea (of Train Strong, Live Strong)

Ellen (of Tale of Two Runs) suggested to “Get your workout/run in at the beginning of the day! Best thing I ever did was to convert to a morning runner/workout person.It runs my whole day and sets a very productive pace for me.”

I’m still working on being a morning person but the few times I have gotten my work out in before anything else, it feels kinda epic!

Do you have any other tips for staying on track with your fitness over the holidays and into the New Year?! 

Elle 🙂 


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