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The 6 Day Race Prep Guide PDF Download. A resource that I’ve created based on some of my favourite and best performing pieces of content on the blog which all stemmed from my experience of running a ton of events over the past six years and still not knowing my kit list off by heart!

The final week leading up to race day can be a mix of emotions depending on whether you’re aiming for a personal best, taking part in your first ever organised event or simply just running because you love to. Either way, it’s sooooo easy to forget things on the day and life can just take over in the lead up to race day meaning you’re not as organised as you could be.

What Can You Expect In The Download?

It’s a beautiful (I’m biased) 10 page document which you can use digitally or you can print it off to use a hard copy. It is broken down into the 6 days leading up to your race day (the Sunday) with a simple task for you to complete per day plus lots of bonus tasks, advice, suggestions and even a couple recipes. There’s space to make notes and keep track of things like your water intake and songs that you need to have on your playlist! It’s also packed with details of where to find further information on the blog about things like training plans, warming up and why running slow isn’t actually a bad thing!

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I don’t make make huge amounts of money from this blog (did you ever read my income reports back in the day?) but I absolutely love writing for this little space on the internet and all the fabulous people I get to cross paths with because of it. So creating this resource (I hired someone to put it together for me) is my way of saying Thank You for your support, whether that is through reading my blog, running with me, leaving me a blog comment, following me on Twitter or Instagram… the list is endless!

Get Your Free Race Prep Download Here:

Is The Race Prep Guide Really Free?

Is anything ever really free?! I watched (yet another) Trevor Noah YouTube video the other day and at the end of his video he said…

“Guys, Thanks for watching! Make sure you subscribe to my channel so you can win cool prizes… and by cool prizes, I mean surprises! …There’s no Prizes! It’s a free YouTube Video, man. Why you want free things on free things?!”

…this line literally had me in stitches but it is oh so true. So much of the content that we have access to comes at no charge whatsoever to us, and I think we often forget that. I think we also forget that that content cost the creator, in time and often in money (buying products, website hosting fee’s etc).

Anyway, all I ask in return is for you to share your email address with me to be able to access the download… I have no plans to email you but I am keen to be able to measure the take up and I’m hoping that if it’s big enough I’ll be able to secure awesome deals and cool stuff just for those who took the time to check out my work!

Other ways to support me: share this post; leave a comment; follow me on IG, or Twitter, or Facebook, whichever is your favourite; Pin this post on Pinterest; purchase your fav running kit through my affiliate links (it costs you nada); spend 2 minutes reading another blog post today…

The Running Edit:

What’s Your Next Race?

I’m planning on hitting up park run over the holidays. I’m lucky that my local event will also have runs on Christmas Day and New Years Day so I should be able to make it to one, right?! Other than that, I have the London Winter Run coming up at the start of February. I’ve run this race every year since it first launched and I’m looking forward to lining up on the start line for yet another year. Most of the events I’ve been running have been last minute dot com entries as I find it hard to commit while studying so that’s even more reason this guide will be useful! Leave me a comment and let me know what the next race in your calendar is going to be!

Get Your Free Race Prep Download Here:

Once you’ve got your download, don’t forget to let me know what you think and how you’re using it by tagging me in your social posts. Then share it with the world (please and thank you again!).


Elle 🙂 


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