Supergreen Spirulina Bites

Kaitlin is back after the amazing ‘Raw Snickers Bar’ recipe she shared with us last month! …Thanks so much for the great feedback from those of you who shared your experience of recreating the recipes!

These little bites are densely packed with nutrients; spirulina is one of the worlds complete proteins, and is also very high in iron among other minerals. This makes it a great option for non meat eaters and is really easy to include blended in smoothies or juices. Only a little though as the taste is super strong!

I take them to eat pre and post exercise for an energy boost but it’s really hard to stop at just one! Totally fine though as they are natural and clean inside and out! They are really easy to make too and can be stored in the fridge for up to 3 weeks.

Supergreen Spirulina Bites


1 cup of almonds
1/2 cup of hazelnuts
10 medjool dates (best quality)
1 tsp each of spirulina, cinnamon, vanilla powder and hemp protein powder
Squeeze of lemon juice


Blend all the dry ingredients in a food processor until powdery.

Ensure medjool dates are used as they are the stickiest and best quality; chop them up and mix into the dry ingredients.

Squeeze the lemon juice in and add as much as needed to achieve the right consistency, then separate and roll into balls.


Well, I have a big bag of spirulina in my cupboard that may actually get used now! I think these will be great for allowing me to make it to my next meal, full of energy and avoiding bad choices! 

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Elle 🙂 x


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