How Have Things Changed In a Year?

This entire festive / holiday season I’ve been cautious about just spurting out the cliche posts. Not because I don’t enjoy reading them; more because I knew there would be enough of those posts out there. None of us needed another “gift list for runners”…and we don’t really need another “round up of 2014”. I mean, if you read my blog, you either have read all the bits you want to read or the archives are sitting there for when you are bored and have time to kill.

So I took some inspiration from a few places to share with you my views on looking back over the last year and looking forward. More of an in the moment attitude…

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Thanks to the following for inspiration:

Twins in Trainers
Runners World Magazine
Brian Tracy
Honestly Healthy

2014 vs 2015 

Where I live | Where I work | How I eat | My Health


Running Resolutions 

Running highlight of the year: 
This has to be the race that amounted for my slowest time EVER. Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest. Over two hours to complete this 10km race but I overcame physical obstacles and did things I didn’t think were possible. It opened the door for me to consider learning to swim again to take on a triathlon in 2015.

Biggest running lesson of the year:
Not one that I have learnt personally but one I will learn from. Listen to your body. If something doesn’t feel right, or you have an injury don’t ignore it. Get it seen to. Don’t be afraid about the money you will spend. Think of the outcome from not getting it looked at vs the outcome of being fully recovered.

Running resolution for the next year:
To do what I never do. Train properly for the half marathons that I have signed up for. To run on those days and be proud of the journey that got me to the start line as I am of the time I finish in. Maybe I might OUTRUN 2014?!

Attitude of Gratitude

10 things I am grateful for right now:

  • being physically able to run 
  • having a job to provide for myself 
  • to people who take the time to read my posts here on keep it simpElle 
  • those who provide me with inspiration and knowledge 
  • the fitness opportunities available to me 
  • the support from Human Race to get race ready for the Windsor Triathlon 
  • my mum for being the best proofreader on the blogosphere 
  • the internet for giving us bloggers a voice 
  • having experienced the first steps of landmark education 
  • having food to put on my table 

So again, LET’S DO THIS 2015! 

Elle 🙂 




  1. Matilda Iglesias
    January 6, 2015 / 09:07

    2015 sounds like it's going to be a fantastic year. I look forward to reading your journey.

    • Elle Linton
      January 8, 2015 / 23:06

      Thanks Matilda! Happy New Year xoxo

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