How To Inspire Others To Love Running As Much As You Do

If you’re a passionate runner, then you know there are times when you can’t figure out why some people don’t enjoy running as much as you. You also have this underlying urge to help those who have maybe given it a go in the past and now want to improve.

Running is a healthy activity and a positive way to release stress. Maybe you’ve been into it for a while now and are interested in getting others involved? There are several different ways to use your running talents to help others. All it takes is a little research and patience to find the best way to reach potential runners. See how to inspire others to love running as much as you do.


One excellent way to immerse yourself in the sport is to coach. Find a local group, races or schools and throw your passion into helping them succeed. Your experience and love for the sport will help the runners improve and excel. You’ll be the expert and there to answer their questions about training and how to become a better runner. It’s a positive way to spend your free time, and you’ll get to help others while doing what you enjoy.

Make A Video

There are lots of people online who are searching for tips and tricks on how to become a better runner. Create videos that offer valuable information to those seeking assistance with the sport. Make your video standout by using YouTube thumbnails that capture the attention of your audience and persuades people that clicking the play button is worth their time. With Spark, the creative process allows for effortless erasing and new attempts, so you never have to feel anxious about whether you’ve made the ideal choice. Instead, your creativity is completely freed from worry about the finished product.

Start A Running Club

Be proactive and a leader in your community by starting a running club. Send out flyers and head to different gyms to try and recruit people to join you. Organize a date, time and starting location where interested runners can show up and participate. Start by seeing how many people attend and manage the group based on how the following weeks play out. You can always turn it into more of a training group or keep it as a fun run, based on a consensus from the club.

Tell Your Story

Inspire others by telling your story. You started somewhere and have grown into a competitive runner. Let people know how they can do it too. Launch a blog as a platform for spreading the word or guest blog on various websites geared toward runners. Start conversations in the right places and build relationships based on similar interests. Speak at events and get your name out there as a resource for others.

You’d be surprised how many other people like or want to run, but are worried about their skill. Wanting to help potential runners succeed is a great way to spend your time. This is how to inspire others to love running as much as you do.

About Adrian; Adrian is a lifelong thrill seeker and adrenaline junkie. A freelance sports writer, Adrian is passionate about health and fitness and pushing his body to it’s limits. Whether he’s rambling in the beautiful Cotswolds or bunjy jumping in New Zealand, Adrian is a fervent believer in making the most of the great outdoors.



  1. elizabeth
    October 1, 2017 / 21:19

    Such a great article, I used to love running! Love your blog, so pretty 😀 xxelizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara(I would love to follow each other on bloglovin if you like! :D)

    • Elle Linton
      October 10, 2017 / 10:48

      Thanks Elizabeth! and thank you for stopping by! Will be sure to check out your blog!

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