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There are exactly 4 weeks to go until Christmas Day itself. This means, that it is THE exact point in time where our diaries become jam packed with events to celebrate that our lycra clad bodies, and flat shoes feet are just not ready for. Well, thats me anyway?!

Today I’ve got a few of my favourite products from Carnation Footcare which will help get your feet ready and the recovered through the party season!

Step 1. Healthy Nails 
This product is a lotion for natural regrowth of healthy nails. As a runner and exerciser, although my trainers are comfortable, my toenails still suffer trauma which results in discolourations. This lotion is designed to cleanse the toenail and nail borders by killing the micro-organisms that can cause unsightly nails. In the pack is a small nail file which you use to file the surface and top edge of your nails after washing / drying. Then twice daily, you apply the lotion. Nobody wants a picture of my feet but I’m down to 1 discoloured toenail as opposed to 4 when I started using the lotion! {find out more here}

Step 2. Tip Toes Invisible Gel Cushions 
One for the actual party, when you have to don heels instead of your usual fancy kicks. I always find the balls of my feet suffer the most due to the uneven weight distribution. These pads sit between (the ball of) your foot and your shoe to provide extra cushioning. Of course you can use them in any shoes you like, but we are specifically talking about the party season right now! {find out more here}

Step 3. PediRoller 
Last but not least, for your post party, tired and sore feet. In comes, possibly the best invention ever. The PediRoller. For a much needed foot massage you simply roll the PediRoller from your heel to your arch. You can even freeze it for an hour before hand to help with really inflamed arches. Roll it back and forth for 3-5 minutes, twice a day; maybe while watching Eastenders?! Or under your desk?! {find out more here}

I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel our feet are always the first to take a bashing when the weather changes! Summer brings flip-flops and dry soles whilst winter brings constant cover in shoes, maybe even wet toes and heels a plenty for the holidays!

What are your top things to do to look after your feet?! What’s your favourite product for some tootsie TLC?! 

Elle 🙂 

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