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Its been a couple of months now since I started my collaboration with Very. I’ve put alot of effort into creating the imagery for Instagram so I wanted to share some of it on the blog too and to give me the chance to share a little of the behind the scenes and add more context. First up from October was the launch of the Nike Terra Perma Collection…

nike terra perma for outdoor workouts
outdoor pull ups wearing nike terra perma
looking pretty in pink terra perma collection

Nike Terra Perma Collection

This outfit (pictured above) consisted of the Crossover Tank, Swoosh Futura Bra, Crossover Tights, Metcon 4 trainers, and the Training Sherpa Hoodie. I’ve worn this outfit for working out in the park (the hoodie is perfect for throwing on after as it’s so cosy), for an indoor cycling class, teaching my Metcon class and some Sunday brunching!

The waistband on the tights is perfect… high waisted, wide, comfortable and flattering. They don’t roll down or get in the way! You can never go wrong with a pair of black leggings and the detail on the waistband make them a tad bit more interesting than just plain black.

The bra is a medium support bra so perfect for either those of us with smaller chests or for training specifically with little to no impact. It’s a comfortable fit in a style that Nike have used for (what feels like) centuries… I think they call that classic, right?! They call it Futura.

As for the top, if you want one that covers your butt, this is not the one for you. It’s a very loose boxy fit which makes it perfect for getting sweaty as it allows your skin to breathe without the top sticking to you. It’s also great if you just aren’t in the mood for a ‘bodycon’ workout top, y’know. Yet still adorable with the branded detail on the strap and the millennial pink vibes.

Mini Nike Training Metcon 4 Training Shoe Review

Now these shoes I’ve had my eye on since they launched… and I’m talking version 1. In those days, I was into CrossFit and it seemed that these were a serious rival to the market dominator at the time. They’re supposed to be good for cross training – so lifting, all the HIIT classes and more. I haven’t had a chance to try it out for lifting yet since I don’t teach as often, but it has just a 4mm offset which makes it pretty flat and should allow you to feel a good connection with the ground.

In my HIIT classes I teach though, they have smashed it! The grip is excellent and my feet feel supported in lateral movements. I’ve worn them all day straight out of the box (as you do) and they’ve not made my feet feel uncomfortable. What sealed the deal for me though was the fact they come in pink…

You are gonna love these if… you like to mix up your indoor training with weights, lifting, dynamic movement sprinkled with some short distance running. Basically, CrossFit, but without the label.

Think twice if you… are more of a runner or like a heavily cushioned shoe

 I did a couple of polls on Instagram to find out what kit everyone rates for fitness and running and NIke got quite a few votes. My current months (Oct / Nov) kit choice was for some Nike running kit to give me a little added motivation to enjoy the outdoors even though the weather is a little chillier and the days are darker…




p.s I was gifted my outfit from Very.co.uk ...the blog post was my own choice. The post also contains affiliate links. You can read more about that in my Policies but basically, it doesn't cost you a thing while it earns me a few pennies to contribute towards the upkeep of this lil space on the www

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