This one time…

…at bandcamp. I’ve not been to bandcamp but I have spent the last few (or more years) teaching bootcamp! Nike Training Club. I’ll be leading my final session for Nike on Saturday 13th December 2014 at Victoria Park and thought I’d go all nostalgic by sharing some of the moments we’ve shared…

So here goes...

This one time, at Nike Training Club…

1. Victoria Park – The time we were joined by a man dressed as a crocodile. I don’t know why.

2. The time I left London and then came back. Thanks to all the ladies for welcoming me back with open arms!

3. Victoria Park – The time a random guy stopped us to give us his business card and said if anyone asked us about him just tell them what happened. Random.

4. Victoria Park – Our community service guys who we think commit crimes just so they can “tend to the park” on Saturday mornings and get a great “view”.

5. Clapham Common – The time it snowed and was actually warmer than when it didn’t snow. To the five ladies who still turned up to train.

6. Victoria Park- The dog that got adopted and used to be out of control. This dog is small but can jump so high! Two years on he / she is much more well behaved and leaves us alone.

7. Victoria Park – The drunk man who watched us every week. He told me I was just like a sergeant major. #ProudMoment

8. Victoria Park – The time I got hit by a car after class. Thanks to all the ladies who helped track me down.

9. Dirty Thirty workout which toured London! It was my 30th birthday….it was your…lucky day?!

10. The burpee run which also toured London. Running and burpees – everyone’s favourites!

11. Victoria Park – The time I had 23 girls but 22 names on the register. After repeatedly asking who didn’t put their name on the register, I called each name off so that girl could run and come back leaving the one person who didn’t actually put her name down. I didn’t get it. She didn’t get it. No one gets it to this day.

12. Victoria Park – on the hottest day of the year! Only one option – NTC Sports Day!

13. Covent Garden – The time the tourist made me pose on a wall.

14. Covent Garden  – The time my bike got stolen. Thanks to all the girls who hung around to console me and help work out what felt like the biggest disaster since the titanic sunk.

15. The time I taught Nike Training Club on the London Eye on 29th February! A leap year!

16. Victoria Park – The time I was educated by an architect of the difference between a pagoda and shelter. FYI.

17. Nike Town London – The time I took a selfie while the selfie song was playing.

18. It’s not class with me without – squat jacks, burpees, squat to crow …any others?!

19. Thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to write up their story for my blog too! Living the simpElle life – every single one of you I have met have been an inspiration. You’re the reason I get up early(ish) on a Saturday morning!

20. For humouring me with all the crazy poses for our post classes pictures…here’s Finsbury park with the partner balance and clapham common with the “booty tush (is that how its spelt?!)”…there’s been hunger games, crow, pretend running, school photo…you name it…

21. Thanks to all the ladies who’ve ever joined me on a challenge, supported me when I’ve taken part in a crazy challenge, eaten with me, drank with me or just spent time with me outside of our 60 minutes a week!


…any other EPIC moments / conversations I have missed off the list?! Remind me, please! …and, don’t be a stranger! 

Elle 🙂 

p.s I’m still doing crazy stuff – find out what and join me via the ‘Train with Elle’ page! 



  1. Georgina Spenceley
    December 9, 2014 / 07:19

    Sound like some really good times Elle. Sorry you're not teaching there anymore x

    • Elle Linton
      December 9, 2014 / 20:28

      Thanks Georgina 🙂 Onwards and upwards! xoxo

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