How To Stay Fit By Working Out From Home

How To Stay Fit By Working Out From Home - Elle in a side lunge position

There’s no denying that, for many, keeping fit during isolation is somewhat more challenging than usual. With gyms and health clubs shut and the government advising just one form of outdoor exercise each day, staying active is proving tricky for millions up and down the country. So what can we do about it?

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    Firstly, it’s important not to give up on physical activity altogether. The benefits of exercise are wide and varied – not only can it reduce the risk of illness, help you to manage your weight and improve our agility, it can also have a hugely positive impact on our mental health.

    Faced with extensive periods spent indoors and with minimal social interaction, our mental wellbeing is more important now than ever, and working out from home has a huge part to play. Below are a few handy tips on how to make sure isolation doesn’t make you lose your motivation to move.

    Plan As Best You Can

    With plenty of time on your hands, you should be in a good position to plan your workout schedule. It may be worth recalling the routines you had before you began social distancing. Can these be recreated in your home or garden?

    Planning workouts from home on a mobile phone - Fiit on demand home workouts

    Perhaps sit down with a pen and paper and write out a timetable for the week, then you’ll have a clear idea of which exercises to do on which days and your plan will have some structure to it. And don’t forget to build in rest days – your body still needs time to recover, especially if you’re pushing yourself.

    Get Yourself Some Equipment

    If you’re prepared to browse online, you can get some great deals on workout equipment such as yoga mats, dumbbells, resistance bands and barbells.

    Paying via a credit card can offer you greater protection when making these purchases, although the current climate may mean you have to wait a little longer for your kit to arrive.

    Using equipment at home to exercise

    If you’re unable to get your hands on any equipment, there are plenty of bodyweight exercises such as press-ups, burpees, planking and lunges that you can do to get the blood pumping.

    Mix Up Your Training

    To keep the body sharp, it’s best to vary your workout routine and target different muscle groups. Split your weekly schedule accordingly – you may wish to incorporate running, HIIT, weights, walking and yoga.

    Apart from anything else, this will prevent boredom setting in and you’ll be less likely to go through the motions with the same exercises every day. If there are some parts of the body you feel are under-trained, now is the time to start!


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