Would You Rather: At Home Workouts vs Out & About

Apparently Spring is on its way. However, I’m currently laying on my sofa at home wondering why I feel so cold even though the sun is actually shining outside. I think it’ll be one of those rare occasions when outdoors might be warmer than indoors.

I watched a video from Chill Insurance (https://www.chill.ie/) which asked the question “Would you rather stay in, or go out?” and it all got me thinking about how that applies to fitness… and then some other related topics came to mind so I thought I’d have a little fun creating a short game of would you rather to help keep it light hearted. Cos it’s Friday y’all!

I know quite a few people have shared their thoughts on how expensive fitness is especially when classes at boutique studios average at £20 per session. Personally, I don’t indulge in boutique fitness for my own training and I’m lucky enough that my current teaching schedule counts towards my training as well as having interests that lay outside of a studio (i.e. Running, cycling, swimming etc).

So, would you rather:

a) pay £20 a class at a studio, but you can choose any class


b) only workout at home but doing the same session each time

Over the Easter Bank Holiday, I did some Spring cleaning and had a massive clear out (which also made me realise I’ve been in my place for two years so surely my home insurance is due for renewal?!). This included going through all my fit kit, equipment and accessories to see what hasn’t been used in a while. Basically, if it’s been unused for a year then surely I don’t need it so I popped a fair bit of it on eBay. What I do have left is a collection of yoga mats, my pump set (similar here) and a few kettlebells.

So, would you rather:

a) have all the equipment your heart desires in a home gym


b) have running outdoors as your only choice

As a freelancer working at home as much as I’m based in a cafe or studio, I tend to either be found in my pyjamas or slipping myself into the tightest, most sweat-wicking garments I can find. You read about Be:Fit and the fashion catwalk right?!

So then I wondered, would you rather:

a) go to the gym in your pyjamas (like, forever)


b) workout at home in your trendiest activewear (like, forever)

Head over to my Twitter account to cast your “Would You Rather” votes now!

But, are you a home body or a gym buddy?!

Elle 🙂


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