Two Nights at Cheriton Treehouse, Somerset

Cheriton Treehouse from outside
Cheriton Treehouse Balcony view

After a month of working long hours, feeling under the weather and getting ready for my final term of University, I got to call Cheriton Treehouse in Somerset, home for two nights.

A Quick Tour Of Cheriton Treehouse

I happened to google the treehouse a few weeks ago and there was nothing much about it. Then I googled it when we came back and it seems to have had a ton of press coverage which rightly describes it as a “tree mansion”. When you walk in through the triple glass front door you step into the cutest open plan kitchen and living room with a fire and island with benches. The entire place is made of wood and then decked out with lots of wooden features too… you kinda feel like you have some of the outdoors with you indoors.

On the ground floor (yup) there is a balcony off of the living room and also one at the entrance plus a shower and toilet room. You then go up one level to the bedroom which features a copper roll-top bath and you just know this is where I started…

Cheriton Treehouse copper bath and Bashail

My homemade spa experience…

It’s not everyday you get to call a treehouse in Somerset home so I wanted to make the most of the relaxing experience. I took along a packet of Bashail Skin Revitalising Bath Elixir which is a 100% natural infusion of 84 various minerals and salts basically creating a facial for your body. It exfoliates, deeply cleanses, purifies, balances pH, and saturates the skin in natural moisturisers which means you step out of the bath with sooooo soft skin!

I took along a few extra things too – a The Sanctuary candle, re-energise tablets which I had with breakfast each morning, plus a few Better You products including their Magnesium Gel which is perfect for massages and their Magnesium Flakes for more time in the bathtub to ease tired muscles from exercise and the journey.

Vinery London Wine at Cheriton Treehouse

On Arrival at Cheriton Treehouse Somerset…

On arrival, there was a cute hamper left for us containing a few essentials like butter, eggs and bread as well as some treats of croissants and cupcakes, which all came in very handy. If you know me, you know I don’t go anywhere without food though so I’d packed a camembert, for which I have a newfound love, along with some wine from Vinery London to tuck into after the 2/5 – 3 hour drive.

The property is tucked away in South Cheriton only sharing land with the main house which you only really see from the bathtub side of the bedroom. The treehouse is surrounded by land (which probably could do with a bit of TLC itself) including a pond and a little island with two silver birch trees that you can hop to via some stepping stones.

Don’t forget to pack…

I’d highly recommend a pair of wellington boots, a blanket or two (one for indoors, and a picnic blanket?) so you can hang out on the balcony even if the evening is chilly or eat out on the land if it’s warm and sunny, a laptop (with films / series downloaded already as there is currently no wifi and phone reception is poor), lots of bubble bath, bottled water or a BRITA filter jug or bottle, a copy of The Girl Outdoors, and maybe some socks / slippers as only the bathroom floor is heated… oh, and learn to build a fire!!

I don’t have too many more photos to share with you because I enjoyed being make up free and not having to brush my hair or even dress properly for two days, and also the place looks exactly like it does in the pictures on Canopy and Stars so if you wanna know more here’s the direct link to check out this beautiful somerset treehouse….

If you’re looking for the perfect little hideaway for two then Cheriton may be for you?

Elle x



This post is sharing my own personal weekend away with you, however, it does contain some affiliate links which when you shop through generate me a (very) small income that contributes to keeping the blog running. Some of the products mentioned were also gifted to me, not in exchange for review, but you know me, as always, all opinions are my very own ;)


  1. May 4, 2018 / 11:20

    What an amazing place! I always wanted to sleep in the tree house, having seen lots of different ones on TripAdvisor already. But we haven’t booked anything so far, I think it would be a special treat for a special occasion since they are a little bit pricey!

    • Elle
      May 7, 2018 / 10:06

      Yes, this one wasn’t cheap, but it was a treat. There are much more affordable ones out there too! We have our eye on one in Kent that is less than £100 a night.
      Cheriton has given us some fab memories and a much needed break though 🙂

  2. Vicki Atess
    May 2, 2018 / 07:39

    Looks and sounds amazing, like an antidote to London madness, glad you had a good break! Xx

    • Elle
      May 3, 2018 / 20:02

      Thanks Vicki! …it was exactly that… the perfect antidote to London! Wasn’t sure how I would cope being reintroduced to civilisation lol 😉 x

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