2018: Be More Jekyll. Be More Hyde.

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I literally started to feel a little anxious when everyone began sharing their 2017 round ups and 2018 goals on social media and their blogs. Then I got my sh*t together cos it’s okay to not have your sh*t together sometimes!

I did start thinking about my goals a few weeks back when my 2018 Passion Planner (diary) arrived and when I started scribbling down my ideas I realised that none of them were really fitness related.

Everyone’s sharing their race calendars for 2018 and I have just one 10km event in February booked. And that’s okay. Because I know me, and combined with my Masters, I have to manage my diary much more carefully. It probably means a bit more spontaneity will come as standard… a little more last minute dot com but in all honesty, that works well in the world of blogging and influencer marketing. We often get invited to things at the very last minute.

Before I talk about 2018, I’ve got to appreciate that 2017 had plenty to show for itself. Without wanting to bore you, I’ve gotto share just 3 great things (inspired by Angela Chick and also a gratitude group I’m in on FB).

ONE. I cycled to Paris. Damn. If that wasn’t a trip to remember, I don’t know what would be. I’m not an endurance athlete so powering myself over 300km in 3 days to another city, another country is something to be very proud of. It feels like centuries ago now but I really must remember to brag about that a little more from now on… | Read Here

TWO. Vuelio. This little blog here got voted in the top 10 U.K. Fitness and Exercise blogs and I’m not really sure I shouted about it enough actually on the blog. So here I am, saying well done me. It’s always great to get recognised right?? Fingers crossed I stay ranked and even make it into the shortlist for the Vuelio Blog Awards at the end of 2018. A huge Thank You to everyone who takes a few moments to read my ramblings (esp my mum who edits all my posts to check for spelling and grammar), to those who take time to leave a comment or interact with me on my social channels. It all goes far deeper than the superficial-ness of social media these days, for me. Again, thank you! | Read Here

THREE. Giving Back. Somewhere in the ethers of the Internet, I made a declaration to give back. And by giving back I meant volunteering. This could’ve been a 2016 goal to be honest but if it was it didn’t happen. 2017 was the year though. I think I’ve volunteered at just under 50% of the parkrun events I’ve been to this year (which I think totals about 8 – 8 more than 2016 though!). I also volunteered at Hackney Half and loved it (wrote about it here) so I’ll be looking to up my game in 2018. It’s usually a great way to get some free race entries (that’s how I entered the British 10km this year) which is fun as it comes with no commitments and I get to enter what I want rather than what I’m invited to.

So 2018. What would be 3 great things to focus on? Well, here goes…

ONE. My health. Specifically related to rebalancing my hormones and settling down my skin. Before the New Year I tidied up my bathroom and all the products I had in there so I could use one product at a time. I also purchased a few products from The Ordinary – Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%, Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA and Salicylic Acid 2% Solution – and I’ve been taking Angus Cactus religiously along with zinc capsules.

TWO. Being Me. One time, in secondary school, one of my teachers described me as Jekyll and Hyde. Yup. Anyway, I’ve decided to own that (lol) as I’m a little bored of sticking myself in a lycra clad box. Having this blog and all my connected social media accounts has meant I’ve focused solely on Health & Fitness (with the exception of Twitter where it’s a free for all!) and I kinda “lost myself”, if that even makes sense. I always loved travelling, and I loved getting dressed up and wearing make up and I’ve missed all that. I wear workout clothes even when I’m not teaching or hitting the gym… going back to uni made me realise that my identity is more than how I sweat. So it’s about time I got back to my roots so to speak… I’m gonna be more Jekyll and I’m gonna be more Hyde. Be more Me.

THREE. Development. Learning is a passion of mine hence why I’ve gone back to school to pursue my Masters. It hasn’t been easy but I’ve learnt so much beyond the subjects we’ve covered already. I’ve invested a lot financially into this course so it’s no surprise that it’s gonna be a huge focus for me over the next 5 terms (~2 years). One reason for doing my Masters though was and is, to progress my career so whilst I study it’s kinda imperative that I do all I can to develop there too. I’m currently undertaking a short course in web development which could potentially lead to a nano degree with Google and Udacity to see if tech is an industry that could work for me. My blog kinda falls under this umbrella too and I’ve got big goals for it including moving over to WordPress from blogger (any tips / blog posts about this please drop them in the comments below!!). If there’s any particular content you’ve enjoyed over here on my corner of the internet then let me know and if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see or see more of them definitely let me know!

What do you think you want to be more of in 2018?! 

Elle 🙂 


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