Choosing Insurance For Your Fitness Classes

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With the news that the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) is no more, it meant when my insurance renewal in September 2020 came about, I needed to find new fitness class insurance cover.

I’d always loved the ease of renewing my REPs membership and insurance in one go and tbh, on the one occasion I did look into it, I discovered that I was getting the best cover, and value for money even though I had to pay for my REPs membership on top.

The gym I currently work at want a minimum of £5,000,000 Public Liability coverage so that’s something I needed to factor in when choosing my cover.

And with me now offering online fitness classes through Zoom, I needed to ensure my insurance covered this to a level I was happy with.

Tip – looking for tips to set up your fitness classes on Zoom?! I rounded up the best information here.

    Insurance Provider Options For Fitness Classes

    • EMD
    • Protectivity
      • only cover up to 16 people in online classes and suggest you record and store every class for 36 months.
    • Balens
      • found their website tedious having to tick off every single area of fitness I would want cover for.
    • FitPro
    • UK Active
      • offering the same insurance as REPs previously did.
    • Insure4Sports
      • can teach up to 30 in online classes but they stipulate everyone taking part in live (one way and two way) or recorded sessions must complete a PARQ. They also want FB & IG classes to be private which is virtually impossible.

    I do urge you to go and do your own research as everyone’s need will be individual. I’ll cover below the two main policies that stand out for me and why…

    What Happened To REPs?

    You might or might not be aware that UK Coaching (which owns and operates REPs) recently reached an agreement with CIMSPA to combine REPs with the CIMSPA Exercise and Fitness Directory.

    This created a single directory for all exercise and fitness professionals, hosted and managed by CIMSPA with comprehensive learning and development resources provided by UK Coaching.

    The new single directory came into effect on 1 June 2020 and so it is now no longer possible to renew with REPs, but all REPs members are being encouraged to join CIMSPA and be part of the new single directory.

    Who I Chose To Insure With

    The main decision for me came down to EMD and UK Active. With UK Active I know what I’m getting as it’s the same policy as I had with REPs. With EMD I would get membership of their organisation as well as insurance cover.

    However, I found the information on the EMD website very vague. I signed up for an account thinking they would detail the insurance cover but in fact there was no more information that I could find.

    There are some benefits to having an EMD membership which should be noted – and you don’t need to have their insurance. Some of the benefits (at the time of writing this post) include discounted PPL, discounts on CIMSPA membership, free 3 month trial membership on the new Mygroupfit Music app and a host of practical resources such as health and safety templates, risk assessments and PAR-Qs.

    EMD UK

    EMD PT Pro Support Package – from £84

    • £10m public liability, professional liability and product liability
    • £2.5k personal property and great personal accident cover

    UK Active

    UK Active Insurance for Exercise and Fitness Professionals – £56 per year

    • public liability (£10 million)
    • personal accident cover
    • covers you for online and virtual training, including general videos.

    With UK Active you can coach and work with clients remotely, including hosting live workouts or uploading pre-recorded instructional videos. UK Active also provide full details of the policy before you purchase, so you know 100% what you’re getting.

    In the end, I chose to insure with UK Active. Better the devil you know?! Well, actually it was down to the ease of application and knowing what I was getting. I figured that should I choose to, I can always get CIMPSA or EMD membership at a later date. Getting re-insured needed to be done asap.

    As we all know, insurance is one of those things that we purchase and hope that we never actually need to use it! Really, using the insurance cover is when we will really know it’s worth but until then, we have to base our experience on customer service when taking out the policy.

    Do you have an insurance provider you recommend?!




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