The Personal Trainer vs The Studio Instructor In Me

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This is one of those posts where you have the feeling you know what you want to write but actually putting the words down “on paper” doesn’t come as easily. It’s not even a linear, tangible story that I can just regale from beginning to end but I think it’s relevancy lies somewhere in the reason why I blog and the future of my blog.

When I first started writing this post I hadn’t posted much since the start of this year and quite frankly that’s was for two reasons. Number one being that I was suffering a bit from writers block coupled with a lack of motivation (as there were posts scheduled for me to write) and two, I was a little late to the arena for reevaluating what it is that I’m doing and I don’t want to write just for the sake of it.

Then what I realised one night, is that this post couples with another subject I wanted to talk about. Everyone has become so consumed with being open, honest and transparent about their battles that sometimes I feel on the back foot because I don’t (perceive myself to) have any real or distinct issues to share about. My personality also means that I’m not able to put myself into a box for any specific sport, area of fitness or food choices (other than being lactose intolerant). I mean, we’ve had the flexitarian conversation already…

Photo Credit: @Lolography

What I did realise when I got to thinking though, is that sport, exercise and fitness are the few things that have been consistent for me (kinda) my entire life. And that’s mostly been as a Fitness Professional. I had my ups and downs with being active in school as any girl does, then I chose Physical Education as an A Level having not studied it at GCSE, because I loved the scientific aspect of it. I then went on to study and graduate University with a BSc (Hons) in Exercise Science before joining the world of work in various Sport Development roles.

To be honest, I never really imagined being a Personal Trainer or Studio Instructor. I had once taken on a position as a Personal Trainer and after one day I never returned. I also worked once as a Gym Instructor and I didn’t enjoy that much either. Then the opportunity arose to be trained up with Nike as one of their Nike Training Club (NTC) instructors when they first launched the programme in Universities and I took on my first part time teaching job alongside my office job.

There was something about NTC that I loved. I loved that it was a challenge but accessible to everyone no matter their fitness level. I think what I loved most of all was the opportunity to learn. I got to spend time with some of the best instructors in London and further afield from whom I could learn drills, learn how to show my personality when I teach and be inspired to follow in their footsteps.

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So, ever since I got my Personal Trainer certificate (which technically I got from doing my degree but had to do a couple extra assessments to get awarded my certificate), I’ve also labelled myself as a Personal Trainer. I have however mostly been teaching classes at various gyms since NTC in what must’ve been 2010 yet I’ve rarely ever taken on any Personal Training clients and that has been by choice. Then chatting to a fellow fitness professional not so long ago I realised why everyone would always choose to label themselves as a Personal Trainer, and that’s because being a PT is a higher level of qualification than being a Studio Instructor. And this is when I realised that I was letting what other people think affect the way I brand myself.

In a post some time ago I shared the why behind what I do and I don’t think that will ever change. But what will change is the little box I put myself in. All of my goals as a Fitness Professional are aligned with being a Studio Instructor – I want to refresh my skills in indoor cycling and have my own permanent class(es). I love learning new class concepts so am busy finding studios that share the kinda vibe I can bring and love and I’d love to be involved in a retreat somehow either UK based or abroad. I also love chatting all things about the industry with those who are new to working in fitness and most of all would love to find or create a community where Fitness Professionals can chat about things like ‘how to look after your voice if you teach without a mic’ …or chatting through the process of acquiring classes at a new studio and just generally making new connections…

Whether you work in fitness or not, is there a topic you’d love to know more about?! I’m keen to increase the professional angle of ‘keep it simpElle’ and would love to know what you’d enjoy reading about…

Elle 🙂


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  1. Lucy Edwards
    April 5, 2017 / 08:59

    Great post, I love hearing about what bloggers do for their 'day job' and how they got into it. I remember coming to your NTC classes in Victoria Park a couple of times, they were always great. I think there are some Facebook groups for fitness professionals to chat about the things you mentioned, but I guess you are probably already aware of those.

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