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The Women’s Health Beauty Box | Over the past few years, there have been a number of “boxes” floating around. From a business point of view, a subscription model is a guaranteed income and from a customer point of view you (should) save a little money and get to try out a ton of new products which you might not otherwise actively choose to buy…

I received the Women’s Health Beauty Box (available from Latest in Beauty) a few weeks ago and have only just got around to having a proper look inside! Rather than spending weeks trying out everything in there, I thought I would just pick a few things that I am most excited to try, probably because I have heard of them before or they just look / sound like they would be a good fit for my situation right now…

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream just got me with the name tbh. FYI, it’s pronounced “boom boom”. It’s basically a rich body cream infused with guaraná that helps to stimulate circulation.

58 Mood Boosting Luxury Travel Candle is just gonna feed my recent addiction to candles. I love burning them in the bathroom and the bedroom. This one is 100% natural and supposed to make your space all hygge… y’know, all the rage!

the microdelivery daily exfoliating wash from Philosophy sounds perfect for my skin right now as I battle my post pill acne. It’s gentle enough to be used daily so I can mix and match it with my oil cleanser that I like to use just once per day.

Dr. Pawpaw® Original Multipurpose Balm is something I’ve seen around and I think it even came recommended which I shared in a previous post on skincare. I’m no doubt gonna use this balm on my lips as I use lip balm multiple times per day.

SportFX Sport Stamina Mascara is a relatively new brand to the health & fitness arena. I was meant to try out some of their products when they first launched but they never turned up (bloggers life lol). Anyway, I can’t live without mascara and tbh I’ve never had issues with mascara I use but this one also contains a heap of vitamins and stuff so could be a healthy addition to my make up cabinet. 


All the contents of this box were chosen by Claire Sanderson, Women’s Health Editor and are valid at £138 (the box sells for £40). Although there are a couple bits in there that I won’t use they will however get donated to friends as they’re really nice products juts not suitable for me (specifically my hair!). The box is a curation of Claire’s favourite products from the last 12 months and I actually have a post in my drafts (to finish writing) featuring all my favourites from 2017 which I’ll get around to sharing one of these days!

Anyway, click here to check out the Women’s Health box in more detail!

Do you ever purchase any of these product collections? …or subscribe to this already, or something similar?

Elle 🙂


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