Whole30 Days 21 – 30

It doesn’t quite feel like it, but…

So What’s Changed In The Final 10 Days?!

The “groove” I found during days 11 – 20, became life! A good life at that! I even went out for a night out, a road trip to a cycling event and a wedding! YES! I went to a wedding on day 30 of Whole30!!

At the wedding someone said “so why didn’t you just start one day earlier if you knew you had a wedding on this day?” …and yes, I guess I could have done that but I made a choice to start on a day that I could get everything prepped in time to allow me to get off to a good start. I also didn’t go through my diary to check what I had on; there would always be something that could make me postpone the start!

Whole30 Reading / Recipe List:

I don’t regret it. I had a great time at the wedding. The main meal was even compliant bar a couple of baby sweet corns and some french beans! I carried my extra meal with me incase there was nothing for me to eat but I struck lucky!

I tidied up my “favourites” on my online grocery shopping accounts. This made it easier to pick out compliant ingredients when doing food shopping. Also, I was informed that if you type “paleo” into the search box on Ocado, they show you the results (which is mostly the same for Whole30)…this worked and helped!

My craving these days were for almond butter! On banana. Only I couldn’t find almond butter anywhere!

A typical day for me has looked like this – 

7.30am – alarm
9.30am – 10am – Meal 1
3pm – Meal 2
8.30pm – Meal 3
11.30pm – Bed

I had a few days where I felt unwell though! Totally unrelated to Whole30 but it probably helped that I stuck to it during this time! Leah shared a great quote with me on Instagram which put everything in perspective…

“why would you want to put in food that will make you feel worse when you already feel awful. Keep putting in healthy foods to get healthier quicker” 

Whole30 Reading / Recipe List:

What I Have Loved

My favourite meal these past ten days has to be the coffee rubbed steak! You can find the recipe on my Pinterest Board – Whole30 Approved Recipes – below.

Follow keep it simpElle ‘s board Whole 30 Approved Recipes on Pinterest.

My energy has been great – I even completed a run – spin – run session one sunday afternoon!

What I Have Learned

More like what has been cemented for me at this stage.

The fact that the food you put into your body plays a major effect on how you look, feel and perform.

I’ve cemented the fact that I have willpower and I can achieve anything I put my mind to.

That food doesn’t need to control my day and my mood. You don’t have to be “hangry” either!

I enjoy cooking and eating good, clean, whole food.

I don’t need cookies, ice cream…sugar.

There are actually no rules for breakfast. Yup, salmon with olives, egg and avocado went down a treat!

Eating / Going Out

or how Nando’s killed my appetite. I went to nando’s the night before I became unwell. The food was awful. When you strip back all the crap and sauces, I was left with half of a chicken – the smallest chicken I have ever seen, which was so dry I almost choked. Their sweet potato wedges were a sweet potato cut into 4 and thrown on the grill. Without the sauce and nuts that the wedges come with they were tasteless and boring. I paid £13 for this pleasure and have vowed to never eat at nando’s again. When you take away all the foods that taste great but aren’t so good for you (fries….) there’s nothing left thats appetising.

Whole30 Reading / Recipe List:

The Future

The future will be called 80:20. Where 80% of the time I am Whole30 and 20% of the time I may possibly not be. On my first day post Whole30 the only non compliant things I had were one piece of fudge (from the wedding the day before), 2 whole food tortillas chips and one small speculoos biscuit. None of these things filled me with excitement…in fact, I think the biscuit actually gave me a belly ache!

I plan on updating you in another couple of weeks with how life has been since completing so keep an eye out! I’ll also be sharing all my pre / post measurements and what I have achieved in relation to the goals I set out at the start!

Have you tried Whole30?! What were your struggles? What were your big wins?! What did life look like afterwards?

Elle 🙂 



  1. Matilda Iglesias
    August 17, 2014 / 02:20

    Congrats Elle, doing a whole30 is a learning experience for sure, and you have so many light bulb moments, and you realise so many things are edible but aren't food. Great recap, and I look forward to reading more about the long term experiences.

    • Elle Linton
      August 17, 2014 / 09:14

      That's the best quote ever – "so many things are edible but aren't food" …sums up my experience perfectly! I'm excited for the future too! …It's with a lot of thought that anything non compliant has gone past my lips in the past 5 days! haha!

  2. Jess
    August 14, 2014 / 18:07

    Well done! I think I'd find this really hard given I'm veggie, but I've enjoyed reading about your experience! Gets you thinking about what you're actually putting in your mouth… Jess x

    • Elle Linton
      August 15, 2014 / 11:53

      Jess! Veggies can do it too! theres a shopping list on the Whole30 site just for veggies! It's defo possible if you wanted to do it! 🙂 x

  3. Sian Lewis
    August 14, 2014 / 16:48

    SO impressed! I followed you on Instagram and you inspired me to eat better 🙂 xxx

    • Elle Linton
      August 15, 2014 / 11:55

      sharing on IG was funny! some meals I was either too hungry or too excited to take a picture to share! haha! I'd eat it all and be like "oh, I didn't take a picture! …next time!" 🙂 x

  4. GiGi Eats Celebrities
    August 14, 2014 / 15:54

    Mmmm! Steak! Well, now I know what I want for lunch!! 🙂

    • Elle Linton
      August 15, 2014 / 11:54

      hahaha! that steak was so good I bought 3 this week! It's on the menu again for sure! 🙂

  5. Meredith
    August 14, 2014 / 13:59

    Woohoo congrats!! Yes, I've done the Whole30 and have been "mostly" paleo/primal/whole30/REALFOOD eating for a little over two years. The "80/20" you plan on living by is probably where I fall, too! It works really well for me. Your lessons are spot-on and only become clearer!! Continuing to eat well when you're under the weather–that's SO true! And the biggest thing I've learned, too, from Whole30 or just eating "real food" is exactly what you say: "The fact that your the food you put into your body plays a major effect on how you look, feel and perform." <– THIS!! Even if someone doesn't continue eating "whole30" style or finds their own rules for what works from them, that's just the point: find what works and what doesn't work with your body. Only then can we make informed decisions about what to eat. Glad you had such success! And props for sticking it out through the wedding 🙂 It's so true that there'll always be sooomething coming up…

    • Elle Linton
      August 15, 2014 / 11:56

      good to hear that 80:20 works! Days 31 and 32 have prob been more like 99:1 but I'm sure I will slip into a groove soon! And yes! I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago called What's the best diet; the answer is exactly what you said! finding what works for you!

  6. Emily - faliLV
    August 14, 2014 / 08:58

    I've done the whole 30 a few times! Congrats on finishing! I love hearing how others do it and what they ate!! Totally feel you on the no sauce no foodie love. It's not easy! 80/20 is a great rule of thumb! If you ever want meal ideas or stuff!! Now I'm going to go back and read your other week recaps! Thanks!

    • Elle Linton
      August 14, 2014 / 13:17

      Thanks Emily 🙂 I'm now following your blog on bloglovin' so will be catching up on your Whole30 experiences soon! I have only just bought the ingredients to experiment with making tomato sauce (ketchup) and maybe mayonnaise that is whole30 compliant! The whole 30 days I just never bothered! haha!

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