Why It’s Good When Your Blog And Career Crossover

A few weeks ago, my lovely blogging buddy Alice over at Flash Anthology wrote a post that really resonated with me. It was called ‘Why It’s Good To Work Full-Time And Blog‘. I completely understood her point, because if I was working full time (as I was when I started this blog) I would be of the same mindset. However, that’s not the case for me.

Fortunately for me, there is a huge crossover between my blog and my career (or I’d prefer to call it it my passion). And that makes me happy. I can see why people would be happy to have a blog that talks about topics they don’t deal with all day at work. But I don’t mind; because inspiring other people is my life goal. Quite literally.

You Get Variety

As a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor I think it’d be easy to be solely focused on what I’m doing for others. I can be kept busy creating session plans, personal programmes and playlists. As a blogger I get the opportunity to try out lots of different classes, studios, concepts and events which actually serve well to keep me inspired and ensure my sessions are fresh, current and eclectic. These opportunities also provide inspiration for content for the blog and allows me to keep a finger on the pulse of the fitness industry in London. It helps me to keep learning and be that source of inspiration, motivation and empowerment for you!

You Control Your Income

So we’ve all been there (or are there); “all hail the stable income”. A stable income is probably the one factor that keeps people in their jobs and at times holds them back from pursuing their passions. It certainly did that to me. I was scared to give up my two day a week, £600 a month job because it was a kinda guaranteed income (the only sick pay was statutory so if you didn’t work, you didn’t earn). Then I kinda got over myself and realised that that belief was actually limiting me. I’m lucky that my outgoings are not too high and I know for a fact that we could all manage on whatever income we have if we lived within our means. So I took the plunge and quit my job. I’m only 3 weeks in but I figure if I don’t try now, when will I?!

So now, I choose my income. I’ve set myself a monthly stretch goal. And there’s obviously the goal I have to make ends meet. The more I work, the more I earn, the more I have to enjoy life, travel and maybe even save for a rainy day. I can now pick which classes I teach and am available for more ad hoc teaching. I pick which projects I want to take on and when. I don’t work 9-5 but I work around things I love doing like making big breakfasts and hitting up classes.

Your Schedule Goes Against The Grain

Yup, I typically work when my 9-5 friends are off. But you know what, you keep your old friends and you make new ones too. New ones that share a similarly crazy schedule that can meet you for coffee during office hours and train with you when the gym is quiet. It means you get to go to the shops when they’re quieter and you (potentially) never miss the postman! It means that Monday is actually one of my favourite days of the week because it’s part of my “weekend”. It means that’s all your 9-5 clients want to meet you for coffee / breakfast / lunch so they can escape the office for an hour. Having been teaching classes for years and working shifts for the past few years, I’ve been used to this anyway the difference now being that I choose. I choose when to take time off and then its my responsibility to make sure I can make up for it / make do without it.

You Could Get Lonely

This is true. Lucky for me, I enjoy my own company! And like I said above, I can make the effort to meet up with friends or clients whenever I choose. Should the opportunity arise, I’d be happy to work from a co-working space where I’m sure I’lll get to be surrounded by lots of creative and driven individuals.

You Learn Great Time Management Skills

I’m working on this one starting with creating an awesome morning routine which involves water, coffee, good food and sweating. It’ll also mean I’m dressed and can cover classes at the last minute should they come up.

You realise that if you procrastinate less there really is no reason to have to work 8 full hours each day. I create a to do list for the (work) day of 6 work related tasks and 2 personal tasks and that’s it. All because you’ve learnt, and can recognise the value of your time. Time is money. Quite literally.

You Couldn’t Possibly Be Too Self Involved

I learnt quite early on that blog posts which were just about me never did as well as ones that people could take something away from. I mean, it isn’t even interesting for me to read my running training plan in detail each week so why would you?! If I’m gonna talk about training for a run I wanna add value – I wanna share a training plan, or tips for fitting one in around life or even awesome kit I’ve tried that you might love too! If I talk about myself, I want it to be insightful rather than self indulgent!

From the work perspective, as much as I’m self employed I still need other people to work for and with. I need to be able to see the bigger picture and not just my own ecosystem. I’d want to be seen as relatable, accessible and knowledgable in my industry; health, leisure, sport & fitness allowing me to connect with everyday people just like myself. My goal is basically to create a community that brands cannot create themselves, for bloggers and those who are interested in living an active life!


So yes, I’m a blogger. But I’m also a professional. I’ve spent 10+ years working in this industry and that counts for something. I don’t just have opinions, I have experience and my only goal is to have a platform to continuously learn and share it all!

Do you work full time or are you self employed?! What is your goal with blogging?! 

Elle 🙂 


All photos from BRITA Power Hour event


  1. Jason Memento
    July 31, 2016 / 13:38

    Elle, my own career and blog don't crossover as I work to bring in a steady paycheck for my family. While I have a great career and employer, my fitness blog is truly a passion. What advice would you give to someone who's just starting out in the fitness community and trying to build readership but still has to work ten hours a day while raising small kids. I see so many "fitness" related sites come and go, but would love to hear from someone with a decade of experience and a longstanding track record of success.

  2. Runista
    July 29, 2016 / 13:24

    KUDOS lady! Well done on taking the leap 😉 That's one thing on my to do list as well

  3. Abbi
    July 28, 2016 / 06:53

    Awesome post! I have been working in digital for years now and I am just now appreciating my personal blog. Right now it's a training ground for my writing and a record book of my interests. I had thought of making a separate digital marketing blog in the past, actually. I just don't feel like I'm enough of an expert to write about something technical yet. Maybe in the future. I think if you are able to leverage your blog to promote your brand and be completely independent of an employer, as you do, it is a smart move! Keep at it, you are helping others while paying rent and building a brand. I feel that's a win all around!

  4. Tess Agnew
    July 27, 2016 / 17:13

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I work full time and love my job but have previously toyed with the idea of going freelance, to be a PT and do digital marketing / copywriting. Balancing work and blogging does get hard – especially when it's busy. I dream of being my own boss but don't know if I'd have the discipline!

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