Ninja 1000W Multi-Serve Touchscreen Blender Review

I was gifted this blender a couple years ago with no requirement to write a review. But I wanted to share my opinions. Photos are by Anna Rach Photography.
Close up of mason jar filled with purple smoothie with Ninja 1000W Multi-Serve Touchscreen Blender in the background

I mean, I don’t think a blender review was ever on my content plan but I’ve had the Ninja 1000W Multi-Serve Touchscreen Blender for at least a couple of years now and I rate it pretty highly. I even swapped out my Vitamix for the Ninja so here I am, sharing with you why I think this is one of the best blenders for smoothies and more, out there…

Here’s part of a product review I wrote when I first got this blender:

“Having had this for a few weeks now I feel I’ve had a good chance to test it. The feature I love the most is the pre-set programmes. I’m a huge smoothie fan and have enjoyed making a variety of smoothies in this and testing it out… even with frozen ingredients, smoothies come out perfect and I don’t have to control the speed / force of the blender myself.”

The Best Blender For Smoothies

If you’ve keeping up with the blog recently, you’ll notice I’ve been sharing lots of my favourite smoothie recipes. After removing all the content for my small business – Borrow My Blender – I figured here on keep it simpElle was as good a place to share the recipes.

The Ninja blender is great for making smoothies… it even comes with a programme specifically for smoothies which ensures they come out perfectly smooth.

Close up of Ninja blender on smoothie program with blueberry smoothie in the jug - best blender for smoothies

Value For Money – Under £100

If you’re on a budget, the Ninja Multi-Serve Touchscreen Blender is typically on offer for around £99.99 direct from Ninja Kitchen and can also be found on Amazon. You can get a Nutribullet from around £60 these days if you shop around but speaking from experience, they aren’t half as versatile or long lasting.

How Ninja Blender Works

The Ninja Blender literally has all the features, yet is super simple to use, straight out of the box. It’s handy that it doesn’t blend until the jug is securely in place; means you won’t have any accidents involving smoothies on your ceiling!

It’s also very easy to clean; I like to put some warm water and washing liquid in it and use one of the programmes followed by a quick rinse. It’s also super handy (and hygienic) that the blade is removable so you can clean it in it’s entirety.

Liquids can be measured in the jug too so saves extra washing up, then just over a minute to blend a smoothie and easy to pour with the nozzle. Last but not least, it’s incredible value for money, not too bulky or oversized and weighty enough to be sturdy when in use but easy to move around your space.

best blender for smoothies by Ninja with blueberry smoothie in jug.

Blender Smoothie Recipes On The Blog:

The Ninja Blender vs Vitamix

As I mentioned, I swapped out my Vitamix for the Ninja when I needed to make some space to potentially sell my property. I had bought the Vitamix as a house warming gift to myself when I moved back in and pretty much loved it. I even used it for Borrow My Blender events, so it served me well.

The Vitamix was incredibly noisy though, and so is the Ninja. They’re blenders that do good jobs after all. Although a Vitamix can make soup (I’ve never found a recipe I liked though) the Ninja Touchscreen blender can’t make soup. I’m pretty sure they can both blend ice though.

If you’re trying to decide on the best blender to buy, then the Ninja 1000W Multi-Serve Touchscreen Blender comes highly recommended from me. It’s simple to use, easy to clean and good value for money!



I was gifted this blender a couple years ago with no requirement to write a review. But I wanted to share my opinions. Photos are by Anna Rach Photography.


  1. March 17, 2020 / 11:41

    This sounds like a really good and affordable option for a blender – we love smoothies and are just about to move house so I might buy one for the new house.

    • Elle
      August 9, 2020 / 20:54

      Hope you found the best blender for you! (also hope the move went smoothly with all this q’tine stuff the last few months!)

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